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Soothanol X2

Has anyone tried a topical lotion called Soothanol X2 for PN pain? A friend gave me a bottle of it and told me to try it. From all the research I did, it looks like it may help people with joint pain. It is pretty expensive at $50 for a 1 oz bottle.
I guess I would almost try anything for relief from feet and hand pain but do want to use some common sense and not become a user of any "snake oil" on the market. I am not calling this product a scam, I am just curious to know if any of you all have used it.



Never tried it but that sure is a little expensive.

My daughter tried a topical pain cream. But she had a skin reaction to it. So she really didn't use it long enough to tell.

I have a prescription topical cream that was a special blend that the Mayo clinic put together for me. I works for short periods of time. They told me they could mess around with the ingredients to make it work better...exactly to my needs. It was quite amazing. I can only get it filled at Mayo...I live in Chicago.
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