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nerve pain on right side of body?

hey all i'm new here but i wanted to ask you about this. I have had some nerve issues for some time now. It started with Sciatic pain usually in the butt / lower back area. I also have issues with my hands, like some weakness , tingling pain issues. I know that sciatic pain doesnt' go that far up though, so I'm wondering if anyone knows why i have nerve pain in hands and elbow, but also sciatic pain? It's ONLY in my right side, never my left. haven't had any scans done on my back or anything, Also have plantar fasciitis , if anyone thinks that is related?



should say my 'hand' , rather than hands. it's always my right hand.

Hi and welcome!

I have similar issues (right leg, right hand). I don't think they are related. After nerve conduction tests, it was discovered that I have sciatica in back/leg and carpal tunnel in my hand (thus causing the tingling and pain). This can also cause weakness in the hand. I also have tibial nerve damage in my left leg/foot. I'm a mess. LOL.

I think you should see a neurologist and get tested/evaluated. I'm currently taking an SSRI for the nerve pain and my depression/anxiety. I'm also going to physical therapy which is helping.

Best of luck to you!


thanks Tammy, you're probably right and these issues are two different things. I wish I could see a neurologist, but I have no insurance so I'll have to wait on that. I wish I could take an SSRI as well, but for some reason I react badly to those medications( nausea mainly). I just started a job this past month that requires a lot of bending and stretching and hand use, so this could have aggravated the hand nerve issues more. Does your right hand ever get weak, like you can't grip or squeeze it? Sometimes when I try to anyway, it almost causes a ticklish sensation and i start laughing it's so weird, but it's actually quite annoying. It mainly happens when i wake up, but has happened before later in the day too

Yes, I do get the hand weakness. I've noticed that I'm having trouble opening tight jars and also notice a difference when I squeeze water out of a cloth when cleaning. Just don't have the strength like I used to have.
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