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I founded this group to inform about the existence of NeuroCranial Restructuring, an inexpensive, naturopathic/chiropractic procedure like no other, for this has the power to undo many structural issues that contribute or cause other conditions. Research with an open mind, find a good practitioner, and please let us know of your experience with it, good or bad.

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My NCR Doctors

12 years of pain cost me 1/2 million dollars in income. Consequently, find a way to afford treatment has been difficult. This is why there have been months and months between treatments. Scrounging support from friends, I've been able to have 3 series of NCR treatments now. Each series was by a different doctor for purely economic reasons. All of the doctors employed NCR slightly differently but to a standard. All of the doctors delivered profound improvements for me.

The Life-saver: Dr. Lewis Arrandt, ND, DC in Miami Florida.
Dr Lew just Knew. He was so understanding of my pain and when I saw him i was in terrible, terrible shape. There is a truly amazing case story on Dr. Arrandts page. When you view this page, please scroll down and read about Chad:

Improvements from Dr. Arrand:
* Much improved the blurry vision i'd had - 1st day.
* Fixed my gait so I walk like I did in high school, i was amazed - 1st day.
* Removed the incredible, debilitating, constant pain in my skull that had forced me to take morphine and robbed me of sleep. 3rd day.
* Removed the neck pain that was treated as primary, proviing that the neck pain came from damage inside my skull further up that pushed it out of alignment. All my traditional doctors had simply been *wrong*. period.

Dr. Steffey is the Travelling NCR doctors. He and his wife Carol are amazing Holistic physicians. My sessions with him were good for body and mind. He's the doctor that relieved such pressure on top of my head.
I went to see Dr. Steffy becuase I couldn't afford the lodging in Miami and was able to combine trip to orlando

Improvements from Dr. Steffey.
* Reduced pressure on top of skull. When i started the series, it felt like a stack of encyclopedias on my head.. all the time. Left the series feeling like only the weight of a paperback.
* Increased ability to manage details in my thinking. This was my target for I felt physically restricted from thinking clearly.
* Unexpected - I just simply found myself walking faster. My pace increased without intentional effort. This was also from pressure relived on my brain, imho.

Dr. Mark Frank, Zephyrhills Florida.
Closer, day trips instead of overnight. Very good doctor.
* Good cognitive improvements.
* Felt physical changes to shape and consistancy of my skull.
* Reduced constant anxiety to almost nothing. This had felt 'physically generated' and that feeling was confirmed by this treatment.

All in all, every visit to every doctor was rousing success. My thanks to them all. There's probably lots of little improvements that I've not listed, but all I can say about each one is WOW.


Group Founderhmyers512

Neglected to post Dr. Steffey's link:

and Dr. Franks Link:

Wow you can not be anything but amazed by the treatment of Chad, truly amazing.
Group Founderhmyers512

It helps illustrates the power of this procedure. I think a lot of people have some disturbance in their cranial symmetry and so many could feel improvements overall. Certainly, misalignments of the head could pressure nerves which control everything. SO many nerves, so many varieties of injury - so many varieties in symptoms. NCR addresses that by simply seeking to restore your original symmetry.

How do you actually find a doc in your area that does this type of treatment?

We no longer have chiro care with the medical card I am on, so this will be out of pocket.

What is the approx. cost per session? How often do you need them? Is it like any other chiro care, an ongoing thing for life?

Currently, I have found a really advanced chiro who has been using oxygen therapy as the cerellubellum(SP) portion of my brain is not getting enough oxygen. I forget why or what this has to do with anything, but the oxygen treatments did help the pain lessen. He aslo uses other random things to help. Actually I will message you later. I have to get to work and the brain is not working too well this morning again.

I guess this tumor is going to have to come out or be shrunk. But, I would like to find out more about this.

Group Founderhmyers512

Mary, I found them through google searches. Dr Howell has a regular schedule of training going on, you can find more and even ask to be included in the training at There were only 2 doctors in FLorida I knew of 18 months ago, now I know if 5.

The price ranges from $300 to $850. 4 sessions over 4 days about 1/2 hr to 1 hour per day.
Unlike other chiro care, this is not ongoing. They claim and my experience is totally in line with it, that it makes permanent, corrective adjustments. My 3 ncr series so far have, each one, produced amazing results that have lasted so far. Not like getting you back adjusted 3 times a week. My NCR series were more than 6 months apart. I expect to need a few more, 2 or 3 series to reach potential. I expect to have one just for good measure maybe every 2 years after that for I've found it good for general health as well. Harvey.

That is awesome. I will begin a search - then worry about the money. I won't know what it costs till I find a practioner.
Group Founderhmyers512

write to to help find one, tell her I sent ya !! :). That's Dr. Howells daughter. It's so much cheaper than say, facet blocks or trigger point injections or that $15,000 artheroscopic discectomy I had which turned out to be just wrong! Let me know how it goes.
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