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For anyone suffering with an autonomic dysfunction like NCS, POTS, or other vasovagal syncope and would like to connect to others and discuss, share, and care about one another as we learn to cope with the many challenges of this disease. And remember that DailyStrength is designed to be completely anonymous. The only information that is required is for you to choose a member name that will be publicly visible.

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Chiropractic/Acupuncture as Treatments?

I am curious if anyone has had any experience with acupuncture or chiropractic treatments helping or hurting their NCS? I am studying alternative medicine through college right now, and both are listed as possible help for our symptoms. Acupuncture is said to help dizziness among many other symptoms. Chiropractic medicine helps to restore the communication link between the nervous and circulatory system - which is exactly what my cardiologist mentioned as being the problem, a faulty link between the two systems. I have had bad results results with a chiropractic in the past, but it was a completely different issue, I'm not sure I trusted the doctor, and others I knew also had bad results, but this is way back when it was just becoming popular and before doctors became more educated on natural alternatives to helping problems.


Group FounderPJamela

I loved going to the chiropractor and yes, he helped me. I have been hesitant to go back to him lately because I am concerned that the Rheumatoid Arthritis in my neck and I'm not sure how that will be affected by a treatment? I have a doctor appointment in April and hopefully she will clear me to go back. I never felt better than when I saw him every month. At first, I was so out of whack that he saw me every other week and then every month. It really helps. They know what they are doing and work to make it a preventative treatment after they get you in shape. I even got my headaches under control...oh my that was my post a moment ago. I gotta get back to the chiropractor!

Let me know what your doctor says about the RA. I helped out at a chiropractor office for a couple of weeks years ago after I'd had an automobile accident and got whiplash, and they tried me out on a machine to see if it would help. It didn't - it felt awful!! But that was a few years or so before I found out I had a herniated disk and also the AK in my back. I get lots of headaches, so if it just helped those, I'd be happy!
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