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Myasthenia gravis (MG) is a neuromuscular disease leading to fluctuating muscle weakness and fatiguability. The hallmark of myasthenia gravis is muscle weakness that increases during periods of activity and improves after periods of rest. Although myasthenia gravis may affect any voluntary muscle, muscles that control eye and eyelid movement, facial expression, and swallowing are most frequently affected.

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Are there any MG Docs in Las Vegas?

Do any of you know how I can go about finding a neuro muscular specialist that knows how to identify MG? I meet with an neuro opthamologist in Phoenix on 1 May and she thinks I have MG but I have not had any test done. She stated that I needed to see a neuro muscular specialist that is familiar with MG but I live in the Las Vegas area and I am having a hard time finding one. Plus I just found out that there was a MG Convention here just last week!

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I have been bounced from doctor to doctor, my right eye won't stay open, I can't keep foods down, I am constantly choking on something (even my own spit) i have seen 2 psychiatrist (completely cleared from being crazy) - I have been through the RINGER to say it nicely!

I just want to get my life back!!! Please HELP!! Thanks



Welcome to our group. The good news is you did find our group. I believe you will find it to be extremely beneficial. The members are very knowledgeable and supportive.

I wish I had some specific info on your hunt for a MG MD in Las Vegas. I did a quick search of the members and only two came up living in Las Vegas and they are not very active that I could tell. The following link is the MG members section that you do a search for members in a specific area

I also did a search on the MGFA web site and I could not find a support group in your area. If you have a hospital that has a medical school, you may wish to contact them first. If you have the ability to travel, do not limit your search to Las Vegas. Many of our members, myself included, travel outside our area to see a MD with experience with MG. Experience with MG does not mean he will be following hundreds of MGers but it does mean he is very knowledgeable and has success in treating MG.

I believe finding the right MD is one the most important things we do help ourselves on this sometimes difficult road of MG.

Please also check out the MG Links and News

Wishing you the best, with finding the right MD and quick diagnosis.


Welcome CH,
I called the MGFA main number and asked where I should go in my area. You can also contact MDA and ask where the nearest MDA clinic is that also treats MG. Once diagnosed, the MDA will pay your co-pay for up to 4 MDA clinic visits.

Good luck and wishes for wellness!

Welcome to the group. I can't imagine your frustration in finding out the conference was held there just days before when you need information so dearly. I hope you find a neuro locally with experience with MG. My family have been long-term residents of Las Vegas and that is where I was born and raised but unfortunately I don't know much regarding the MG community there. I've been in Salt Lake City since the beginning of Alison's MG diagnosis. Let us know how your search and appointments go.

don't be afraid to travel - to a big MG neuro practice.
if there are no MG specialists in LV?
get your local neuro - to help you find one.

many of us, here?
travel hundreds of miles one way - to get to a MG specialist.
the MDA - sounds goodm too!

- ross

Just wants to add---when I mention a MDA clinic, there are usually days of the week or month in specified neuro clinics that MDA (muscular distrophy assoc) sponsors. A MDA representative is present at the clinic during those days. MG is under MDA's umbrella.
My neuro/clinic deals with ALS, MD, MG and certain neuropathys


for now?
slow WAY down.
rest - as much as possible.

have you been given any doctor prescriptions?
aimed specifically - at MG?

- ross

Thanks for the info! It really means a lot! My neuro opthomologist suggested predisone to my PCM but they want me to see a neuro muscular specialist to run more test. I was negative for antibodies but I show oncular signs. They are helping me find a specialist that is familiar with MG. It's been a long haul but it helps in knowing I am finally getting somewhere in knowing what is wrong with me. Plus knowing that their is a huge support group out here is a definitely plus! Thanks again, I will keep you all posted!

I agree with the others. Finding a neuro that is specialized in mg is so important. My first year was basically wasted going to a local dr. I attended a MGFA support group in MA. and met a dr. from boston that was speaking. It is well worth the 1.5 hr. drive to have her as my dr.My dr. is going to the international mg convention this month in NY to learn the latest in treatment. I'm sure my old dr. doesn't even know about it.

good luck in the search
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