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This is for the survivors of victimization at the hands of caretakers with munchausen by proxy. Those few who have been identified with the condition never have admitted to it. The disordered person inflicts illness or harm onto their child then seeks help. People whose parent or caretakers subjected them to uneccessary medical treatments and/or harmful substances to induce illness that lead to them being seen as mentally or physically ill, are the "proxy."

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I have never met anyone else who survived MBPD, Lo

Hi all,

I am a survivor of Munchhausen by proxy. My Mother abused me until age 7 at which point I was permanently removed from her custody. I am currently 23 years old and have been working with a therapist the last few months to finally start digging into the details of my abuse in hopes that this will help me to heal. The further I dig the mom memories and flash backs I have begun to have. The things that I went through as a child have effected me my entire life but lately it seems like things have been completely flipped upside down. I have never found anyone, much less had a chance to talk to someone, who has also gone through this. I was hoping that posting this might help me to get in touch with someone who has similar experiences. I have always been open to talking about the things that have happened to me with other people in my life but have felt for a very long time that i was unable to find anyone who truly understands. If there is anyone on here that lives in the Chicago area and would be willing to chat that would be fantastic. Otherwise I am happy communicate through email/post or by phone to anyone that does not live in the area. I really just need to know that I am not the only one who has gone through this specific type of abuse and how others have been able to work through the long term effects that stem from it. My email is, that is usually the best way to reach me.

Thank you for your help,




Also I read that some members from the group had been working to start a nonprofit geared towards helping MBPD victims. Does anyone know the name of that group or how to get in contact with them? I wasn't able to find anything on the internet.
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hi katherine, so pleased that you have contributed your voice here again. you are experiencing what many of us have gone thru and often continue to go thru. new revelations come from the depths of our psyches (or other sources sometimes) as we become strong enuf to face them, thus turning our view of ourselves and the world upside down....until we stabilize again with yet more integrity and strength. i will respond to you privately as well. susan

Hi Katherine, nice to meet you. I'm not in Chicago but happy to skype with you. I'm 51 and survived MBPD.
Warmly, Donna
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