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Toe cramps

Does anyone have cramping toes that stiffen straight out & up & you have to stand up & force them flat?



I get cramps all the time in my toes and fingers. I just try to wiggle them out.

littlewing, Is that Your Cat? Very Cute! Yes I get Toe Cramps especially at Night & I have to Stand up to "force them flat"Just Like You. Hate Em. Live,LOVE & LAUGH As Often As You Can! Love,PEACE & Happiness & My Prayers & Best Wishes To You & Yours Always! Your Friend cindi Indigo You can Reach me at ~

I take calcet for cramps you can buy it over the counter at any drug store
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    I had to have a lung biopsy, and I have cancer. A very rare form that doesn't have any standard treatment. There just isn't a lot of case history for this. It is epithelioid hemangio endothelioma. The cancer support group doesn't talk every day. I can understand why. I'm waiting for the oncologist to call back for an appointment, and will hear in the next few days. Who knew. Ha!
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    It's so hard dealing with pain especially when you don't get any support from the person who your supposed to be closest to. So hard when your trying to deal with pain and that person treats you worse than the pain. Having hard time understanding why. unless you are having a good Day you are treated like crap and they make you feel worthless.