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stiffness and numbness

I have had extreme stiffness and numbness on the entire left side of my body since November, I had the IV steroid treatments and my walking is somewhat better but the other symtoms are still not good, I am on Zanaflex and baclophen, but I am still not even close to being better, I can't remember how long the steroids take to work, but I am getting really frustrated with this, any other options I have to speed up recovery??



Debilah, MS is Like that. You`ll have Good days & Not so good days,It also depends on your type~ Remitting,Relaspsing ,ect... Calling your neurologist is The Best Advice I can Give. Good Luck. Love,PEACE &Happiness &Extra Prayers & Best Wishes to YOU & Your Family. Indigo (cindi)

I had numbness this past year. It was followed by pain that no meds could relieve, that it until I was put on Gabapentin the generic for Neurotin. I don't have numbness anymore or pain. I don't know if this med would help you, but you can always ask your Dr.
Good Luck1
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