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Someone mentioned on this site that she startles easily. Well I'll be ding danged if I don't jump over all loud &/or shap unexpected noises when before I didn't usually.

MS symptom?


Or just because someone had said so, I adopted it for myself?



my neuro said it was because of the ms.

i am severly startled all the time, about any loud, sudden noise like a dog bark or a shutting cabinet door. i even jump when my husband farts, lol!

i might have made the post you're talking about or either responded to one like it before. i don't remember.

I missed the post you are speaking of, but I have noticed that I do this sometimes. It's not all the time for me... I seem to have periods when it is really bad and then it goes away for a while.

lol i startle so easily, it's from over active reflexes, which is from demyelination, its like when you are supposed to have a small reaction, your body jumps into OHMYGOSHWHATHAPPENED mode instead lol


Yeah, that's me too.
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