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Sore elbows?

I have been waking up in the mornings with sore elbows. I sleep with my arms bent mostly, I have my whole life really...but it never caused my elbows to be sore. It feels like my knees do when my legs hurt from what I think may be spasticity. It seems to go away pretty quickly after I get up.

Anyone else?


Nicole :o)



I think I suffer this too. I sleep with my arms bent, and in the morning it hurts to unbend my arms. My pain goes away quickly, but it sure does hurt to unbend the arms. Almost like my elbows are sleeping too.

Sorry you experience this. I never experienced this sensation until I had ms. My knees also do the same thing.

Hey my knees hurt too!

Ichoppel-EXACTLY! The knees and elbows...just as you described.

I wonder what would 'cause' these sore, stiff feelings in the morning like this. Hmmmm....

I find that in the morning my elbows and my ankles are really sore and weak. I have trouble brushing my teeth some days.
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