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Similarities between MS and Parkinsons

I am doing some research in conjunction with my claim for compensation with the Veteran's Administration. Part of the information I need is to document any similarities between MS and Parkinsons. Would appreciate any help anyone can provide me. Whether you're a patient or medical professional, please send links or otherwise identify sources for this information.
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Don't have links, have first-hand experience. My late husband had Parkinson's. My MS dx was August 2009. Problems with balance are common to both diseases. I'd do an internet search of symptoms for MS and for PD and see what matches.

They are very different diseases with very different causes. One is linked to dopamine and the other is auto-immune.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson's disease (PD) are diseases of unknown cause. The etiology of MS is usually considered to be due to a number of potential biological agents while the etiology of PD is usually associated with toxic agents. Despite these differences, both pathologies have strong epidemiological similarities. A comparative analysis is performed of the epidemiology of MS and PD. Potential causal factors for PD may include dopamine-like pharmacological agents. It is proposed that potential causal agents such as certain drugs plus certain vaccines could explain rationally the epidemiology of MS. Ecology and genetics could not be the appropriate lines of research in the etiology of MS/PD because they are supported only in part by the epidemiology.

Hope this help.
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