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MS center University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Hi, I'm considering moving to Chapel Hill North Carolina for work. Does anyone have experience as MS patients receiving care at the MS clinic at UNC hospitals in Chapel Hill? Any advice or comments regarding living in Chapel Hill as an MS would also really help me with my decision. Thank you in advance. You guys are the best :)



My husband has been going there for a couple of years. Started at Duke (nice people, but the doctors seem to have so many specialties but not focused soley on MS) but moved to UNC because it is closer. Not totally happy with the Doctors--nice but busy and overwhelmed. There was a wonderful nurse practitioner there but she left recently so now we are going to try Raleigh neurology, which seems to be popular among many MS patient in the area. He as his first appt later this week. I'll try to remember to post afterward and let you know how it went.