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MRI results - no lesions

I recently had an MRI of the head and it showed no lesions. Is it possible that I can still have MS without the lesions on the brain? I have also had bloodwork that showed extremely low Vitamin D, which I am now on 50,000 units. Any advise?



I think its 5% of people with ms will not have lesions on diagnosis, but the longer they go without lesions the less likely it is MS..

MS can be diagnosed by clinical symptoms alone. if at least 2 episodes effecting at least 2 separate areas of the brain,spine or optic nerves are observed with all other possibilities having been eliminated that could have caused the episodes.

The lesions on my brain were barely visable. BUT, the mri of my spine showed one significant one. Lumbar puncture confirmed diagnosis and I too have extremely low vitamin D. From what I understand, the lesions can sometimes 'flare" and become more evident than at other times. 13 years ago when I had my first episode, I had an mri and it showed one "spot" on my brainstem. No diagnosis was made and when I had a follow up MRI 18 months later, it was gone and so were any symptoms. 11 years later...... symptoms are back and I have MS. That's just MY experience, am sure it's not the same for everyone.

yes, well...

i've done my research. people who have ppms, primary progressive ms, generally have lesions on their spinal cord and very few on the brain.

it only affects about 10% of the ms population and one generally presents with "rare" symptoms.

last mri, i had three on my brain. however, most of my symptoms, like walking trouble, double incontinence, pain, muscle spasms in my lower body, and vision troubles are associated with spinal cord damage. also, like a lot of people with ppms, i do not have cognitive damage, even though i've been sick for 15 years.

it's not a pretty picture, ppms, but it's good to know about it.

do your symptoms never quite let up, but return to what they call a baseline? it's like i never have good days, but i have ok days. i don't relapse.

not trying to dx you, but it's something you might want to ask your doctors about and see what they say.

Thanks familycat, that was very helpful. i seem to be going through a 'relapse' now , even though the neuro i have says i DONT have MS. he is runing another test to test the nerves emg. i have that at the end of the month. i am not having alot of faith in this neuro and from previously posts the advise was an overwelming 'find a new dr!'. this dr seems to think i have periphial nerve neuropothy (?). the tingling and numbness has subsided (for now) and the blurry vision still comes and goes. i have a 'normal' gait and my balancee seems to be ok most of the time. i do have this pai/tingling in my left buttocks that feels like the muscle is twisted. in 2009 it was affecting my RIGHT side. a lumbar mri showed nothing at that time. what i have noticed is that since 2007 i seem to have these episodes. i never thought much of it until this last time and started doing some research. i just want to know what is going on with my body! thx again!
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