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Hollistic Doctor.

I had the most amazing appointment yesterday on the coast. I went and saw Dr. Carmelo Plateroti I was actually listened to and talked to like a equal. Ive never had a doc spend 1 1/2hrs wanting to know everything about me. I was surrounded by trees and flowers, fountains and aroma therepy. He discussed CCVSI a little with me and took me down the LDN road.

My diagnostic was having to hold onto these two brass sticks (one in each hand) attatched to a computer. What this machine did was test my entire bodys internal balance to see what was off. It tested my spleen to my Va jay jay. lol After a 15 minute diagnostic the computer was able to say the things that were off in my body and it was pretty much everything that I have been having problems with. It did show that my thyroid is off a bit. He then took serveral vials that were filled with different homeopathic rememdies and one by one placed them on top of the machine until one read that it was compatible to my body and had a 84% effective rate on my symptoms. (I am just amazed by technology) This re[port also let him know what type of blood work to test for.

I was then given a shot of B12, a months supply of multi pack vitamins and minerals, Calcium/magnisium powder to turn into tea, and my "medicine " that is 9 drops under my tongue 2x a day. Im getting blood work done tomorrow. I was also given a adrenal cotton swab test. They look like little tampons that you place under your tongue to collect saliva and I do this 4x through out the day and then send it off. I was also called in a script for LDN to start this weekend.

This was amazing and I am so excited to see how my body reacts to everything. I am also incorporating my scalp accupuncture treatments and he was very supportive of the cannabis use for pain and insomnia. Starting tomorrow though I have to be on a very strict No Gluten and No Sugar and very Limited Dairy plan.

Im sure alot of you know most of this stuff but for those of you who are new, please try and incorporate Tumeric either capsuals or food into your diet. Its a naturual anti-imflamatory for the body. Also please take your vitamins and fish oil.

I will keep everyone posted in my journal entries and if anyone has any questions or if your interested in anything please drop me a line...

xoxoxo Jen



A few years ago after trying many different treatments and only getting worse I decided to give a that a try. The guy took a urine and a stool sample and ran the test to see what my body was lacking. We talked and unfortunately I found out that the guy didn't know dick about MS :-( What a waste of time and $$$ that was. Im glad u r having success. I am going to follow ur progress closely and depending on how well u do I will stat following ur tips. Even though u live a million miles away from me I trust u and will pick ur brain if u don't mind. Oh! & if ur hubby doesnt mind either. If he does just tell him Im just some loser from the east coast with a bad case of MS.
My 1st question for u is if u guys talked about depression.

Your funny Fred.. You are far from a loser!!

We skimmed on the depression talk especially when talking about my dads sudden passing when I wept like a baby. ; ( Im very sensitive still when it comes to any discussion about my dad but in general Im not depressed well atleast I dont think so. Anywhoo his only concern about the Cannabis use was that it can cause depression if used in excess and too much Gluten and Sugar in the diet can really bring you down emotionally and then ofcourse liquor. I do get down sometimes but I try to get a little sun and do a little yoga / meditation and that usually does the trick.. I hope this helps. : )

Hey Nahlie...

Did your doc mention anything about using Melatonin for sleep...good, bad?

And one other thing, did he say anything about if you could use flax oil instead of fish oil?

Ooops, one other thing...are you going to be limiting any meats, like less red meat?

Anyways, it sounds very now we need updates and progress reports.

Out of all of those things Miss Nikki we only discussed meat, but I did just put all of those questions on my list for next month so I will definately find out.

As far as meat goes he said to try and limit my red meat consumption and only buy Organic. Actually he said that if its not Organic then stay away and definately never step foot in ANY fast food places. That crushes me because I cannot goto Chi town without going to White Castle, I love me some

The mulit pack vitamins that he put me on contains 8 pills... 3 mulit vitamins with minerals, 2 dark brown Omega 3. 6, and 9, 1 Tumeric plus Capsual, and 2 yellow Allergy factor tablets. He also instructed me to add 3 fish oils and 2 more Tumeric.

After getting my blood work back he said that he will probably add B 12 shots that he wants me to inject into myself, Iron and Vitamin D. He wants to see what the Blood says because he might just give me B 12 tablets that I put under my tongue instead.

Well, thank you, Nahlie!

I use the flax oil because it is vegan, and I actually get the liquid oil, like one spoonful a day.

I kind of figured that on the red meat, dang, none of your favorites left. I will PM you about some good gluten free things that you can kind of spice up, and they are delicious.

Sliders, you can have them all! I swore off the murder burgers in 1983. I went to WC one night when I was pregnant, and it was one of the few times I really felt sick. Despite that, I tried it once or twice again,and I don't know, maybe it was the mind saying "yuck" because of how bad I had felt, but I just never wanted it again.

Thank you Nikki, Im kinda lost about my new diet. He gave me a sample menu that helps a bit. Hubby is a excellent chef but he's definately a user of all of the things that I cant have.. : (

Ive noticed that alot of people hate sliders. They were actually voted to be on the healthier side because of the high quality of meat and the steaming process. Not sure how true that is..

I am so happy for you Nahlie!

I wish I was closer to go see that doctor! I firmly believe in the holistic approach. I am going to do my best to try and find a Holistic dr on the east coast.

I have a question...Did he suggest anything for fatigue? My neuro had wanted to prescribe something but I refused and am currently using green tea supplements. Unfortunately they only last a few hours and I can't keep popping them as they are caffienated.


Awesome! I just made a post about seeing a new doctor too! A naturopathy/chinese medical doctor. He is great and btw all he did say you can use flax but recommended fish and that's just because it is more potent? I use the liquid fish oil that is pricey but bc it is low mercury and safe should I get preggers :)
If you want some tips on diet check out my group! Or ask Epagain--she is an unstoppable fountain of nutritional knowledge!
I've been on a mostly vegan/fish eating diet for almost a year now in place of the avonex. I have to say it's hard to change what I eat--but what was harder was taking those shots and getting dog-sick for two days every week LOL
I would love to talk food, recipes, and healthy MS nutritional stuff with you any time!! I am learning but I think I've picked up some good tricks in the last year or so!
I'm excited for you! I haven't gotten up the nerve to tell my naturopath I smoke weed...I know it's not the best, smoking that is, but I actually enjoy smoking so its that one last bad habit--coupled with the fact that the cannabis works wonders on pain for me :) I was just raised to be so quiet about it bc of people's demonizing it that it's hard for me to tell even this natural dude who I know probably wont' care since he's so logical about all the studies out there and so damn knowledgeable about MS its crazy! You are brave! Keep us posted!

Sweet Brooklyn... Thank you, I am so happy to have found this doctor, and I suggest trying to find one that deals with LDN. I am absolutely amazed about the reports of LDN. Becareful though because there are alot of natural doctors that are honestly quacks. I am lucky that mine also has a medical background. As far as fatigue, he gave me a shot od B12 that at first made me nervous but once I took it, I felt wonderful, very alert and like my old self without a high feelings. Some fatigue meds almost give me a shakey high feeling that I hate. He also talked about giving me B12 to dissolve under my tongue if Im not willing to do the shots but they are not as potent. : )

Humunculus... I was like you at first with my weed issue. My mother in-law is my Chinese doc and Accupuncturist so telling her was stomach renching but she was very excepting. She said that if it helps and its natural then I have her blessing. She said that she would much rather see me smoke/eat weed then take a man made pill. You may be suprised how your doc reacts. I almost fell off of the table when she said that she was cool with it. As far as my diet goes, right now Im just trying to figure out how to do Gluten free. The sugar is a no brainer but OMG sugar is my crack, I LOVE the stuff. In a few days, you may find me rocking back and forth in a corner with cold chills and foaming from the Honestly giving it up breaks my heart but I know that its best. Im switching my meat intake to Organic and will probably take red meat out of the diet all together. We eat alot of chinese food, being married into a Chinese family who owns a restaurant you tend to hit up when money is One thing that I need to take advantage of is the fake meat that my Mother in-law eats. Ck, Beef, Pork,. its all wonderful. Add a little Bok Choy with oyster sauce with steamed rice and talk about delicious...

I was going to start journaling everything today but instead will strat tomorrow. I slept 10 hrs last night for the first time in yrs. So I didnt get up in time to start my testing. I will start tomorrow..

Much Love.. xoxoxo jen


New to the forum here.
Anyway, thats great that you found a doctor that is helping you. Sounds like youre doing well so far, and we hope the future results are positive as well! I told my wife, Yumi, dx with MS 5 years ago, about your post and she was very interested. Were happy for you and look forward to hearing how things go. Plz keep us posted. (Not sure how the journal thing works but well look into it.)
Were also advocates of holistic methods as my wife Yumi has been doing great by treating herself with Traditional Chinese Medicine for the last few years.
To your husband, its tough at first but youll find ways to cook within the parameters of the MS diet. I love to cook too and really felt restricted in the beginning, especially when my wife went vegetarian. But where theres a will, theres a way and Ive been able to adjust. If I have to have my old favorites, I just make sure that I have a good main course whipped up for Yumi as well.
Weve always really enjoyed our meals at home and after getting some new favorites in our repertoire, certainly dont feel limited in any way. Its all perspective.
If he has any ideas hed like to share then please send them on! Id love to hear, as well as share ours, if hes interested.

We wish you all the best.

Mark and Yumi

Thank you guys for your interest. Fingers are definately crossed. I did have to stop my drops under the tongue though because something in my body didnt agree and I had the most awful stomach acid.. blahhh I also broke out on my back too but the drops help to detox my kidneys so it could be the toxin release. Im going to call the doc on Monday and get different drops. Its all about finding the right fit. No worries..

Thank you Mark, I have been following your blog and Kumi is amazing, I would definately like to exchange notes..

Hi Nahlie,

Yeah, most holistic approaches treat each person individually, so it's a matter of finding what your particular needs are and then and then fine tuning a treatment plan for the best effect. Hang in there and hopefully your doc will have you in good shape soon.

Thanks for the kind words! Yumi was happy to hear, as well.
I wish we could post in our blog more often as there's so much info. Yumi has quite a few posts waiting for me, I just have to go through them, translate, and then refine. It's time consuming work and tough to find the time sometimes when I'm juggling work, daddy duties and the like.

Anyway, I'll PM you.

Take care


I spent some time last night researching Tumeric and as soon as get some $$$ I'm getting some.....plenty of this awesome, natural stuff. Also, I used to take Omega 3 horse pills a couple of years ago. Is that the same as fish oil? I know I must sound like an idiot but since I caught MS Ive had to learn to clear my mind of what I think I know about a particular subject in order to fully learn and retatin the knowledge I seek. It's no ancient chinese secret but it seems to work for me lol. Jen, I have another dumb question if u don't mind...........I'm pretty sure that Im not deficient of any key vitamins so I was wondering low long after starting to take tumeric and fish oil wil I feel any kind of change? I know ur not a Dr. but I was just wondering if u knew.......

Check out thats where I buy my vitamins from and they always have specials. I didnt really feel any difference after I started my vitamins but all of my test improved withing about 2 months my doctor said. The finger to nose test, balance, and coordination. I have ran out of my vitamins but I didnt refill because I knew that I was going to see the new doc and so I waited. Well he has put me on a multi pack that includes Tumeric and Omeaga 3, 6, 9. I started these 3 days ago and I feel amazing. I actually walked last night around the house with no assistance at all. Ofcourse my legs were very stiff and my balance was a little off but it was amazing.

Does this have to do with the new vitamins and supplements? I dunno Maybe the 2 days of fresh cool coastal air? Maybe the increase in exercise that i have had? Maybe the decrease of cannabis use over the past few days? Maybe all of the above? or maybe just a fluke?. Hmmm time will tell. Still waiting for the LDN too...

I think your on the right track,,, I read, research and try alot of different supplements and techniques to feel good and remain drug free!!
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