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Help Im missing work

Hello group. I have a situation that I need your help and advice. I am having some major flare ups. I have missed work. I am gonna miss more. Is there anything I can do. I fear that I may lose my job. I have the doctors notes. I do not have FMLA yet. I need strength. If they fire me well then I guess the job is not meant to be.

Anyone else have these issues or problems?



Speak with your HR department first and find out your options.

kkuma is right check with HR they will know the best way to help, I wouldnt let them know why either. I worked for the city of Savannah as a firefighter and when they found out I had MS they started pushing me out, they are self insured and didn't want to be paying me a salary and $2300.00 for my medication. Let your union know whats going on if you have one. Good luck.

I am not sure what the rules are there. My first call would be to the ms society in your area & see if they can offer some advice. I know here they have very good help & can assist people to keep their jobs. Dont give it up too quickly & hang on till you want to move.

Hi, they cannot fire you for health reasons. They can get into alot of trouble. I would talk to your boss or your HR worker and let them know what you are going through. Maybe they can put you on part time for awhile. I am sure they will work with you. But don't worry about getting fired they can't do that. Good luck, hugs Maggie

what do you mean" I do not have FMLA yet."

Every one in the US has FMLA. But you have to be cautious of advioce you get on the messageboards because FMLA are defined by each state. The fed gov has a floor that each state must meet, but some states are more
generous and some states just meet the requirements the fed gov has defined. So you really need to understand the FMLA in your state!

I have 2 stories to tell you about people with MS who were fired---or their position was no longer held for them. I have to disagree with Reply #4---yes a person cannot be fired for disability but they can be fired or their position let go for inability to do it...and that looks a whole lot like being fired for disability to the person losing their job. Its really a fine line between notr being able to be fired for a disability tough to prove in court it was from disability-the ada laws do not gaurentee a person can keep their job, just provides a way to go to court about it....these two situations happened in my state, I know one directly, the other I have communicated by email. Their true accounts.
I think you are dealinbg with something you don't have the power to control, there is no best way to deal with it only better ways. Hopfully you see something in these 2 stories that will help you deal with it better.

And for sure, FIND OUT WHAT THE ADA LAWS ARE IN YOUR STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!find out what you are working with.

Story #1 A woman had MS for 2O years and it was getting worse. Her employer had been great, finding her a new job with every change in her abilities. She was a CAD operator. Really they had been great. By the end her job was to maintain the printers the other cad operators sent their drawings too, Se no longer had the manual dexterity to do CAD. They really were a great employer.

Then her co-workers, not her employer, her co-workers became afraid that the cost of her MS meds was gonna cause the company to go out of business. It waas the start of the recession. Her co-workers decided that she had to lose her job or the company would go out of business and EVERYONE would lose their job.

So her co-workers started messing up her work. What she had done the previous day would be gone. It was like she hadn't done anything? She was a smart woman & collected proof this was happening.

Then the time came that the company fired her for not being able to do her job. She obviopusly went looking for another job. At the unemployment office she told the unemployment counselor what happened.

The UC counselor filed a ADA discrimination suite against the company. A person doesn't file such a case, the FEDERAL GOV files it as a violation of the law.

The court found the company was at fault. The court did not find that the company had done the discrimination, the court found that the company maintained a culture that allowed the employees to break the ADA law. The court award a monetary award to the woman and required the company to give yearly in-house training on discrimination and the ADA law.

I meet the woman when I lost my job due to the economy., before I was diagnosed with MS.

The counselor admired the woman much, because she had the presence of mind to collect proof this was happening. The UE counselr said the ADA law was very difficult to prove in court and cases were not often successful. The counselopr was on a "high" from having a case she had filed be successful.

The woman used her settlement money to go back to school for education, thinking she would be able to do that longer. I was going to the university for retraining after my job had shipped overseas. The counselor asked me to assist her if she needed anything at the university.

She didn't make it through one semester. Her vision was very poor for reading, she was using a walker, last I saw her she was having difficulty maintaining her balance when sitting.

story #2

A new to MS. She had top use the FMLA. HR was great. Understanding helped her out at every step. She sent updates to them after each doc appointment. The HR person was so frieendly, they would just gossip abvout each others family. When she though she would be able to go back to work, her vision was still poor, hadn't come back totally after the relapse that caused her diagnosis. The doc said to wait some more before returning to work.

She told the HR person who said don't worry take as much time as you need.

One day after the FMLA time had expired, she recieved a letter by certified mail that she had to sign for, The letter said the the FMLA time had expired and her position was no longer being held. She was terminated from the company.

She was shocked & angry about it. The HR person had never said anything about her job being eliminated, she had just been so friendly. She said if she had known, she would have tried to go back before her FLMA time had expired, but doing it this way she never had a chance to do that. It made her kind of feel like something was stolen from her.

She is on SSDI & avonnex now. And planning to move acrosss the country to marry the love of her life. So actually things worked out best for her because she would have had to quit to move & get married. The SSDI & medicare was nicer to have when she moved across the country than having the job for a few more years.
t it is an example to not totally trust the HR people, they are paid by the company. It was in the best interest of the company to lose her as an employee. But they are still the contacts you need to work with during this type of situation.

Story #2 Perhaps the HR person was being a friend to her, as she knew the woman was really hoping to marry the guy that lived across the country & he didn't pop the question after this but he did ask her to move-in with him. I kind of thing this is a first step to popping the question.

She was an 'executive secretary" , so misreading the documents she had to read for schedules and stuff-would have been very frustrating if she had tried to go back to work with her vision poor.

Perhaps the HR person had been a real friend to her. It just didn't seem like it when she was going through the shock of it, when she was emailing me. She lives about 120 miles from me in the same state. It really happened.

Now she lives across the across the country in Maryland

Here is a company that specializes in highewring the disabled for work at home jobs, requires a fast internet connection and a head phose. Things like phone # the gov uses for question are routed to your computer to be answerd while you are workin...

The state has to have a contract with them, so you need to check if they have a contract in your state. You need a passport & a few other things. I never did apply. I started but got better so I no longer qualified.

You might want to look into this,, You list your state as OR so that is a progressive state for disability services.
maybe ask a state vocational counselor at the unemployment office if they are a member?

a birth certificate or a passport. I just had a soon to expire passport to use. I would have to use my birth certificate now.
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