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Hair loss & Hard to Lose Weight

I while back there was a post about people losing their hair and weight that was hard to lose.

This is for all the people who said they had these problems.
(Please note I still think that MS is different for different people so while thyroid might be a problem for OTHERS they might have issues with adrenal gland fatigue or processing D3 in skin, etc.
see www.RAMSwebsite.Net for Getting Tested info)

Hypothyroidism is a major cause of gaining and being unable to lose weight. It causes fatigue, dry hair, coarse skin, depression, and brain fog as well. Americans are currently treating hypothyroidism, which is often confused as being depression, with Prozac! This is an even bigger problem in the elderly who are being misdiagnosed with depression or Alzheimer's/ senility when what they have is hypothyroidism.
So for all those that have had these issues have you ever had a total T3 & Total T4 tests done? IF you do PLEASE POST results.



Bummer for me...all thyroid blood tests normal...however...I do have a goiter that they don't know whether it's malignant or not. So, i'm on synthroid anyway.

Prednisone is the kicker for me. Always retaining water, sausage fingers all the time, and the methotrexate...hell on my hair. I used to wish I had curly what you wish for...LOL!

So have you had the following tests?

1) Homocysteine,Methyl MalonicAcid (B12 in the cell itself)
2.) 125 hydrox-Vitamin D(See D flowchart-This test is better than 25 hydrox D)
3.) Total T3 + Total T4 (2 of 3 main hormones produced by Thyroid)
4.) Cortisol (Adrenal Cortex hormone needed for blood pressure & metabolism)
5.) Androgens/ Estrogen (Estriol is good type of estrogen see B12 flowchart)
6.) Aldersterone (Adrenal Cortex hormone regulates Sodium & Potassium. Can affect edema/swelling and if Potassium is too low can cause arrhythmias)
7.) Catecholamine Fractionated test (Adrenal Medulla hormones that affect heartbeat and blood pressure)
8.) PTH test (PTH is ParaThyroid testing for Calcium)
9.) DHEA-S (marker of adrenal androgen synthesis, if low = hypoadrenalism)

Many times doctors do a TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test which is a hormone produced by your pituitary to trigger thyroid. If you do T3 + T4 you actually testing THYROID hormones directly!

Adrenal gland being underactive can cause low blood pressure.

-Best Wishes to you

Low Estriol can be from Adrenal fatigue..those who have big differences in fatigue as well as other symptomology ...have you asked for Estrogen and DHEA-S tests to be done?

Prior post is supposted to read if women with MS have large differences in symptomology that revolve around their monthly cycles..have you looked into Estrogen, DHEA-S, cortisol & catecholamine fractionated testing??

In regards to Decreaseing Adrenal stress, have any of you heard of RMCAT conditioning?

If you want to read about this malabsorption theory and testing go to www.RAMSwebsite.NET and ask your doctor about getting tested.

-Best Wishes to you

My doctor tested my thyroid first thing to make sure that wasn't what was wrong with me. He said everything looked fine.
Wouldn't you know it? Hair coming out and weight staying on. :(

Did they test your Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) made by the pituitarty to trigger thyroid OR..did they test your Total T3 + Total T4 levels (2 of 3 hormones made by the thyroid)??

It was probably the TSH..have you ever had total T3 & T4 tested??

Someone emailed me "I didn't even know there were different kinds of thyroid tests."
Well good sum up.
Pituitary (master gland) sends signals to other glands(endocrine) like:
Thyroid and ParaThyroid in the neck and the Adrenal glands ontop of your kidneys(other glands like pineal but lets keep this short). These glands also produce their own hormones.

Many times docs will test the Pituitary's Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (aka TSH one of many hormones the Pituitary send out).
HOWEVER, this is NOT the hormone produced by the Thyroid. The thyroid hormones are T3, T4 and Calcitonin.

If you get tested for the T3 and T4 hormones PLEASE POST results ..either way.

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