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Stupid Question but does anybody here drink Tea?

I was big into caffeinated Coffee. After my MS diagnosis I noticed caffeine wasn't good for me, caused too much anxiety. So I switched to decaff for a few years and now that is too much caffeine for me. So I switched to Tea...the problem I am having with it, there are so many flavors...the ones I like are out at the store I notice :(.
So I buy a different flavor...I'm not settling on one flavor and often I am throwing out a half a box. Then I have to replace it.....Its starting to be a waste on the household expense.

I think I don't like this current one because it is a black tea,. I think I like green tea better. I don't think I like orange flavors, I think I like spiced. I don't like orange-spice :( The next box I throw out is this one!

Any favorites out there. I just sprinkled some cinnamon into the water hoping it would improve the taste. I read nutmeg and water? Perhaps I need to pick up some nutmeg?

After I finish this cup of "orange-spice, black tea with extra Cinnamon" sprinkled in it, I'm gonnna make a cup of hot apple cider to get my taste buds back from being offended!

Any Tea suggestions? I'm certain the grocery store will be out of anything palatable :(

But I am interested in what to look for. Tea is less expensive than apple cider. But more expensive if I am always throwing it out.

I'm currently using a lipton brand, I have used other brands but I do like lipton tea bag on a string so I can dunk it in the cup a few times to get better flavor.



Apple cinnamon is a great flavor...... yummm I love it!

Hey craz is the brain? I can't remember so much, but all the years of working with tea and coffee seems to have embedded certain info in/on my brain. If you know all this, never mind. There are four kinds of tea, oolong, white, black, green. There are more, like red, white, but the ones I listed are the general four categories of tea that all come from from the same plant. Herbals do not, and are not considered "true" or "pure" tea.
caffeine content is in this order:
growing, part of plant used, proccessing are the reasons for the different levels.

Flavors like lavender or chamomile, and all that are based in these, are herbal teas.

Most people agree the most health benefits come from the more caffeinated teas. although there are some that are particular to the herbals.

Alot about the way you brew it can affect which ones taste better. The thing about throwing it away...try buying a very small amount of loose tea and then seeing if you like it. Do you have a tea ball? Very cheap. I personally do not drink much tea. I am a coffee person. But I am trying. I like the mint, not peppermint. I like earl grey, stronger and sort of like drinking coffee, to me. I have an infuser, like a french press for tea, I have many coffee and tea toys from various suppliers over the years. But it isn't expensive to buy, and it makes alot of difference in the taste.

In the greens, I like the ginger, but I like ginger. i do not like any orange teas. The lemon is okay, but I like the lemon grass better, but I alos like the more "dirty" coffees. You might want to try a variety pack, that way get an idea of things.

That's that best I got, hope it helps.

Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger
Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer (anit-stress benefits, too!)
Bigelow Earl Grey (probably my all-time favorite!)

Now I remember having real Lemon with my tea. Maybe I'd like my tea more like that. I drink too much coffee but when I have tea(very seldom) I don't seem to enjoy it after about 1/2 cup. I'm going to try it again with real Lemon just so I don't drink as much coffee. I'm not real big on flavored tea.

I drink a lot of tea..
I really like..

harney and son's "green tea with a thai twist" it's green tea with coconut, ginger and vanilla. Not sure if you can get that one at the food store, though.

Tazo- Calm (herbal, no caffeine) and any of their green tea's are good too

celestial seasonings madagascar vanilla... is really good and is an herbal/red tea made from rooibos, caffeine free

Good luck, enjoy whichever tea you drink :)

i was always a coffee drinker, too. I've recently switched to caffeine free teas and i'm constantly throwing away nasty flavors.

so far i've found that i like the fruity flavors the best. I really like blueberry and i don't mind red zinger and the tension tamer celestial tea but that's about it. plain teas taste yucky to me.

We drink tea regularly. I like the fruit ones, but my husband drinks all sorts:
Licorice (I was recommended this, but didn't like it much)
Ayurvedic blend (quite spicy)

We find that we enjoy having a variety in the house as we don't always want the same flavour. Don't be too hasty to throw away, as you may find you want to try it again some time. If you store it properly keeping it shouldn't be a problem.

Also the length of time you brew it for can have an effect on how much you like it. Many teas I like as strong as they can be, so I tend to drink it with the bag still it. Others I brew for a while then remove it so it doesn't get too strong.

Loose tea is a great idea with a tea ball. You might even find you want to create your own blend by mixing a couple of flavours.

We order tea from this site:
Might give you some ideas. The tea maker makes a great gift, too.

I don't really like tea. But I will share what my psychiatrist told me when I was having some anxiety. GREEN TEA!! She said to drink green tea as it has L Theanine. Here is an article about it.

It sounds like you like spicy, so try Chai tea - great spicy taste - can be made with lots of milk too.

I am a tea lover too and just found out that I can't have the caffeine either. I really like the milder teas - the one i am hooked right now is sold at ACME. It's called Wild Harvest - lemon ginger herbal tea. Caffeine free. It's really yummy - nice alternative to the coffee. Another fave is ginger peach.

Give them a whirl!

In case anyone is interested, turmeric is also available in tea, so if you want to not take it as a supplement, that is a good way to put it into your diet.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I copied this thread into word so I have it available at my next shoping trip :)

I am a coffee and tea drinker. Some of my favorite teas are Chai (any brand) , Republic of Tea flavor "Blackberry Sage", many of the Twinnings flavors and Tazo flavor "Passion".

I find that I add milk and sweetener when drinking most teas.
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