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Multiple myeloma (also known as MM, myeloma, plasma cell myeloma, or as Kahler's disease after Otto Kahler) is a type of cancer of plasma cells, immune system cells in bone marrow that produce antibodies. Its prognosis, despite therapy, is generally poor, and treatment may involve chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. It is part of the broad group of diseases called hematological malignancies... There are approximately 45,000 people in the United States living with multiple myeloma, and the American Cancer Society estimates that approximately 14,600 new cases of myeloma are diagnosed each year in the United States. It follows from here that the average prognosis is about three years. Multiple myeloma is the second most prevalent blood...

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Hey you guys. Ive received some questions about this so wanted to post a basic discussion

1) MGUS is Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance
2) MGUS progresses to Multiple Myeloma at a constant rate of 1% per year (and the rate does not change with time)
3)In most patients MGUS does not progress to Multiple Myeloma and requires no therapeutic intervention

Here is how you diagnose MGUS and the distinction between MGUS and MM
1) A monoclonal paraprotein band that is high but NOT AS HIGH as in Multiple Myeloma (less than 3 g/dl)
2) Plasma cells less than 10% on bone marrow examination
3) UNLIKE Multiple Myeloma: MGUS patients have No evidence of bone lesions, anemia, hypercalcemia, or renal insufficiency.

Dr O.