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Staph infections are infections caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus. They include skin infections, pneumonia, blood poisoning, toxic shock syndrome, and food poisoning. Infection can happen through contact, especially if you have open wounds. Most infections are treatable with antibiotics. If you have been infected with staph, join the group for support and advice.

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My family member has MRSA that attached to her spine, e.g. on her bone. She is on Vanco and just had a full seizure. Does anyone know anything about MRSA and seizures? Thanks.



It's probably impossible for any of us to say whether your family member had a seizure because of the vanco or because of the MRSA. I have a friend who ended up with an abscess in her spine too. I hope that the doctors are able to find out the cause of the seizure and prevent it from happening again. Keep us posted.

yeah its possible im thinking not that I know for sure. When I was in the emergancy they told me to keep an eye on my MRSA cause it can easily go to the brain so with that said.........I'm thinking it could cause anything after it gets to the brain.

Hi I too had my very first grand -mal seizure while at the hospital!! I had mrsa for the first time and was given doxy and rifampin well one or both of those drugs interfered with my heart meds and xanax, so i go to the hosp. feel like i'm dying and they give me benadryl,compizine(naseau) and I think toradol a pain med. and then it happened while I was asleep!!! Now I have another one a year later and I'm scared to take the tetracycline they gave me. cuz I dont know where or why this seizure came from
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