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Staph infections are infections caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus. They include skin infections, pneumonia, blood poisoning, toxic shock syndrome, and food poisoning. Infection can happen through contact, especially if you have open wounds. Most infections are treatable with antibiotics. If you have been infected with staph, join the group for support and advice.

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Getting rid of mrsa

Did anyone get mrsa completly out of their system? And how long did it take and what do you take? I'm trying to give myself hope and I will get rid of this for good.



As of right now there is no cure for MRSA, however they colonize it and it can stay in one area for a very long time and not bother you. Lets all pray for something to get rid of it permanently.

ok so I just got back from my doc who once again prescribed phisohex and told me there is no cure. That I will have this forever. That I have to put neosporan in my nose every night before bed and shower with this expensive soap daily.... but no antibiotic is going to get rid of it.... wth? Seriously? I know I have read of people taking antibiotics and getting rid of it. I am so sick of having this MRSA crap that I can't even describe how I feel. I have had it. And to think, I got it from the whirlpool at a hospital when I was giving birth.

completely depressed

I guess I'm as close as possible to having the MRSA out of my system. A year ago I acquired it from the port-a-cath inserted during my mastectomy. I became septic and near death during the vancomycin treatments, but the vancomycin finally won the battle. My blood tested negative for the infection before I was allowed to leave the hospital.
Since then I've done the MRSA Follow Up protocol (periodic nasal cultures til 3 consecutive negatives) and been declared no longer a threat to society - CLEAN !
Even so, I wash my hands a million times a day and notice the handwashing of anyone who touches me. I don't allow myself to hold babies or be physically close to someone who's ailing.
Certainly, mentally I'll never be free of MRSA..............

All 5 of my family members tested posted and struggled with MRSA a doc had us do nasal meds and oral med and we are now all MRSA free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD!! Other docs said it wasnt possible!!! We used Batrum oral pills for twice a day for 14 days and bactraban nasal meds twice a day for 14 days also!!!!

I am in my 13th year of battling MRSA and
I currently in the middle of another raging infection. Vanco has controlled the disease but has not wiped it out. I
look forward for a lasting cure.

Hi everyone,

Here is an update on our familys progress:

It has been about 1 1/2 years and none of our three family members have had any reoccurrences of CA-MRSA.
My oldest son recently had to have dental implants and no sign of any infection.

MRSA nearly killed our oldest son and viciously attacked my youngest son. I also got it, but a more mild attack compared to what my sons had to deal with.

We were seen by our MD, who is the chief of staff at our local hospital and also an infectious disease specialist.
Our MD promised us that the three antibiotics thrown this infection would kill it. He also told us that it would not come back. We were his first failure because the infection was back within 10 days.
We came to the conclusion that doctors are experimenting with antibiotics to see which one might kill it. This is what we were told by our infectious disease specialist.

I knew at that point that our whole familys lives were in the balance. I prayed, and researched until I found something that would kill it.

We found a "natural antibiotic" that killed MRSA for all of us. We used it topically and internally and were able to deal with flesh eating MRSA and it went away without further need of medical care.
We still kept our doctors informed of our progress during this proactive regimen we used.
I will share more about what we did with those who email me and talk to me on the phone.
please put MRSA in subject.
I am sorry not to share all the details. I don't like sharing much in forums.

Keep fighting! God bless, Cathy
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