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For people who are CURRENTLY morbidly obese by definition. 100 + lbs overweight. If you want to talk about things without being judged or pressured by skinny people telling us how to lose weight, then you will be welcome here. Not meant to be an angry group, but a emotional support group. Please no harassing or bullying. Thank you.

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Ladies - Recommend shapewear! Are Spanx worth it?

Looking to buy some shapewear (really just to smooth out the bumpy look, even if just a little!) I have a few formal dresses I will be wearing in November and I want to get a good "girdle" underneath. Any recommendations?



try the kymora (sp?) i just recently got one and really like it. the only problem is if you are big busted the strap does not really lie flat. ps i got mine at carol wright for 39.00 for the top and the bottoms were free. lyne

I have seen that one advertised on television, the Kymora... haven't tried it though. I have tried Spanx, and in my opinion, they're not worth the money. Mine never stayed in place and it didn't really smooth and pull things in like I thought it would. Of course, maybe that's because I carry so much of my weight in my midsection. Hope you find something that works, wish I could be of more help.

So what events do you have coming up?

Nah, I think we passed the Spanx potential a long time ago... we need industrial strength Spanx... I am picturing full body scuba diving wet suit style body smoothers available in white, beige, and black... the fabric will be so strong and smoothing, governments will run tests to see if this undergarment can be worn as thin body armor capable of withstanding extreme conditions or deflecting bullets. The only drawback is assistance will be required to get them on, but unemployment rates will drop as people seek high paying jobs as personal assistants and bathroom attendants.

Sorry, I am just in a goofy mood today with an overactive imagination.

Mars, you are funny!!! I think we need that too (or I do, anyway).

AnywayI know I made this post months ago, but I wanted to update you all.

I went on a cruise at the end of November and we had 2 formal nights, that's why I needed the Spanx.

I bought Spanx as well as.... Dr. Reys (I think it's called? From Sears - ended up returning it after spending quite a bit of time comparing the two). The Spanx was better, by far (SlimCognito type, for anyone interested). I didn't spend the full $76 on it (yes, 76 bucks from Lane Bryant!!) I bought it during a time LB had a coupon that said "25 dollars off your purchase of 50 or more" (NO LIMITATIONS AT ALL). So I used it on that. Brought my total to 50 or so dollars. I knew exactly what I wanted. They didn't have it in the store, they had to special order it and it was sent directly to my house.

I really like it. It doesn't do what I want it to do exactly (picture "hour glass figure shaping") but it does tuck in and smooth. The main thing is smoothing all the bulges. It does a good job of this. It made my one dress go from *NOT* zipping up, to zipping up with no problems!! I've used the Spanx 4 times now and it still shows no sign of wear.... so it's durable.

Sooo.... yeah. Just thought I would update!!

The Esbelt Shapewear range encompasses decades of expertise from Their Brazilian designers and has been endorsed in recent times by celebrities such as Gok Wan.

Brazilian shapewear collection was designed to celebrate your beauty. Its unique technology fuses a thin layer of cotton with natural rubber, into a light, one piece, single layered compressive fabric.
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