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Mitochondrial diseases comprise those disorders that affect the function of the mitochondria and/or are due to mitochondrial DNA. The effects of mitochondrial disease can be quite varied. Since the distribution of defective DNA may vary from organ to organ within the body, the mutation that in one person may cause liver disease might in another person cause a brain disorder.

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Co Enzyme Q10

I have been taking this now for 19 months and through this and other supplements have managed to regain what I would call normality to life. I have regained muscle, my hands being most noticeable. I tolerate exercise. I walk 6 km 3 - 4 times a weeks. I could barely walk 300 meters up the road before. My muscle tone across my chest has recovered. I was able to feel right through to my ribs. Now there is muscle. One thing that has not recovered so to speak is my eyes and eyelids. They are still very droopy.

Has anyone else here had good results from Co Enzyme Q10?



hey i have used q10 and noticed a great change, however i was taking 600 mg per day to get the full effect, but it is very good product

What doos you are taking?

Wher you buy your supply of CoQ10?

I take any where from 150 mg per day to 450 mg depending on how I feel. It does need to be taken with something like fish oil or flax seed oil for absorption.

The brand I have found to have the best results is NFS which is a New Zealand brand. Some brands I find less effective or not any help at all.
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