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Today's military family faces a lifestyle that is comprised of frequent deployments, which results in increased family separations. This often proves to be a stressful challenge for military families. This community is dedicated to the families that are dealing with the unique challenges of distance and military-related stress.

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How often will I be able to talk to bf deployed?

My friend will be deployed to afghanistan. Im not sure if i'm able to say where he will be or what his job will be, but I was just wondering if any of you have had similar experiences where your loved ones have been deployed to afghan and if you could share how often you were able to call/skype/email, i'd really appreciate it, i'm just trying to get an idea of what to expect, so any and all information would be appreciated!



My boyfriend was deployed to Iraq, I know it isn't afghanistan, but we were able to skype just about everyday. Also I had a friend in
Afghanistan and he was able to update his facebook about once every 2 weeks. I don't know if this helps much.

My brother is in afgan, my best friend is over there too. I can skype with the bestie pretty much everyday. I get calls from my bro all the time. Depending on where they are its a little more relaxed. Hang in there, your friend will be alright :)

Yes, my gf will be getting deployed soon, she says she will probably be able to talk to me everyday, but she also said she wouldn't know for sure until she gets over there.

My boyfriend was recently deployed to aghanistan. I was worried sick as for the first week he had a hard time talking to me. But now that his first week is over, I hear from him almost daily. He either calls me in the morning or sends me long emails. Don't worry. They are serving among the best of the best. Its freaking hard I know, but one thing you can't do is make it harder by being more of a burden than a blessing. Always remain positive!
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