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Menopause is the physiological cessation of menstrual cycles associated with advancing age. It normally occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55, when the body begins to slow and stop the production of eggs, estrogen and progesterone production decreases, and menstruation diminishes, eventually stopping altogether.

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Period & High Heart Rate ?

Does anyone else notice that their heart rate elevates during their cycle?

Heart rate's been about 80 laying and about 104 standing. My normal is about 68-72 sitting and about 82-86 standing so a bit of a difference.

I've been fighting off bronchitis for a few days now and my family doctor says that the high heart rate was due to my temp which only peaked at 100.8. My temp went down but the heart rate hasn't and I just got my period last night so it couldn't have been because of the temp.

Tough to explain, but I feel that it's hormone related. I had an appointment with my cardiologist today but had to cancel because of the bronchitis (figures). A high heart rate is not something I'm used to and it's been about 3 days now.

Any help would be appreciated.




Just got off the phone with my cardiologist and she's sure that
the heart rate is from dehydrating.

Don't know if this helps anyone but she also said to start drinking the soy milk because it has estrogen in it. Guess I'll give it a try. My whole system has been out of whack because of this darn peri-men.
I'm sensitive to EVERYTHING and sick of it. I've always been pretty
bad with taking meds because of side effects and it has gotten worse. (didn't think it could)

If anyone knows of anything natural that could help let me know please. I need all the help I could get right now.

Thanks, Donna

I think that your heart rate increases and decreases according to whatever activity your body is involved in. I am never aware of my heartbeat, except when running up a hill or something.

I am not much help here I'm afraid since palps have not been part of my perimeno bag of symptoms, but I hope you find an answer....DaisyC

PS -- having said that, I do believe many women have this issue and that it is due to elevated or sudden changes in hormones etc...remember that in pregnancy our circ system expands etc due to hormones, heart even changes and enlarges a little etc (I think don't quote me). It seems obvious to me that we have the same hormones doing a number on us in MenoP and thus it would seem reasonable that our cardio system gets messed with...

I would just try not to worry, ESTD...

Thanks Daisy, Like I said, my cardio seems to think it's dehydration because I have bronchitis right now and have not been eating and drinking as usual, although at the same time I'm having a period (just got late last night) and I'm not sure how because I just ovulated a few days ago. Maybe just a breakthrough? Don't know.

Just anxious as everyone else to get this done with so I can know when something is really wrong and not meno related. Makes things very confusing.

Oh Well !



I haven't posted on this site before but am in my early 40's and going through the same thing. I just got the same symptoms you did a week before my period and the higher heart rate after a tachacardyia episode and it never fully went down and was near 80 some a minute. I felt on edge the whole week. I think it's all hormone related. Try not to worry about it so much as everyone's heart rate fluctuates and stress doesn't help either nor being sick. I also just got a cold/bronchitis too this week after all that. Sounds like my twin! I too am sensitive to so many things. I have the night sweats, racing heart while sleeping, anxiety symptoms and all most likely hormonal related. You are not crazy. :) I am checking in with a naturalpath as I am sensitive to meds and don't care for them and I know some pure essential oils that are supposed to be great as well to apply to the body. It's a process and just know that your body is doing what it needs to do, while bothersome, it isn't harmful.
Best to you and let us know how you come out with this!

Summer, thanks for the post, it helps.

That's funny that you have the same thing. Well, not funny but you know what I mean. lol

This is so God awful because of course it has to be HEAVY! So
that's not making things any better. Now I'm not sure which symptoms go to what. Since I have such a high sensitivity to meds
my cardio told me I could take 1/2 of a pill morning and the other around dinner. I'm afraid to take it now because of getting my period. I'm thinking if the second part of this causes a reaction I won't know if it's from that or my heavy cycle. What the heck is one to do?

Was your heart rate 80ish sitting or standing? Either way that's not considered tach. It has to be over 120 or 130 at least. My cardio told me if it gets into the 140-150 I'd be in trouble if it lasted any length of time. Mine came down a little today so I'm guessing it's because of the 6 cups of gatorade I drank. I'm going to continue that. Maybe you could try that too in case your dehydrated. I don't realize I am until I'm bad. Had to be hospitalized during 3 of my pregnancies because of it. You'd think I'd know better.
Let me know if I can help you in anyway since we have a lot of the same symptoms. You should get on this site more and post, it will probably make you feel better.

Take Care & Good Luck To You Also, Donna

Yes, I can relate! I agree the tachycardia for me is up in the 140's when it happens and from what I was told it isn't harmful for periods of time if it's the sinus kind which I have. It happens more frequently now in my cycle and I wake up in the middle of the night with racing heart and night sweats, no fun! Mine came down from that to about 80 last week so I figured it was mostly normal and due to the hormonal flux and anxiety and most likely dehydrated I wasn't going to worry so much about it. I worry alot about the heart stuff yet our bodies do what they do and the more we worry the more it doesn't help. I am doing alot of nutritional things now which help somewhat but haven't found something yet that truly helps the hormonal fluxes. My goal is to have more peaceful sleeping. :) Oh and some peoples resting rate can be between 60-80. I really thing the hormones are doing tricks on the body. Stay in touch!

summer, I absolutely agree that it's the hormones because I've literally never had a high rate until now except through 3 of my pregnancies which of course are nothing but hormonal. Yes also to it being ok for a short period of time. My cardio also said that and not to worry but it's so hard. Funny thing is, if you knew me before this all started you'd never believe what I turned into. lol
Was never a worrier about much of anything. Very much the opposite.

Anyways, try the soy milk if you like it. Can't hurt. My husband got me some at the store today. Sorry I can't help with the hot flash thing because I don't get them but I know for sure a lot of women on here
have them big time. It's a shame. I have had 1 or 2 but that was after I had my last child. It's the strangest thing. Can't imagine dealing with that for any exteded period of time. Once in a while I'll get this feeling like I've been out in the sun too long on my face but don't actually sweat. Not sure if that's a hot flash or not because the sweating thing doesn't happen.

Take Care, Talk To Ya Soon Twin, Donna

I get hot flashes but don't sweat. It is a dry heat unless I am wearing too many layers and then I just peel them off. I don't do the night sweat either but hot flashes at night. I still sleep with a fan most nights. I guess we are all different. Good luck to you.

Thanks hot; and if that's considered a hot flash then I guess I do get them but nothing to complain about. It kinda just comes on like my face is burning up, nothing major, and then it goes away.
I'm definitely not to the point you are with taking clothes off. If anything I'm more cold than hot and am always turning a heater or fireplace on in the house. Every time I walk in the bathroom I automatically turn on the heater whether I'm cold or not. (not sure why - lol) I guess just force of habit.

Good Luck to You Also, Donna
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