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Macular degeneration is a medical condition where the light sensing cells in the macula malfunction and over time cease to work. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it is the leading cause of central vision loss (blindness) in the United States today for those over the age of fifty.

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Wet MD

I was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration a few years ago. It has developed into the wet form. I have been in denial for a long time and I really need to learn how to deal with this. My vision is getting worse. My favorite things to do are to read, watch movies, play on my computer and long walks in beautiful surroundings.

I finally admitted to myself and family that it is dangerous for me to drive at night. The seriousness of this disease is finally sinking in.I need friends that understand how devastating this thing really is. Other people just can't relate.



First of all, are you being treated? If not, do so. Id be seeing a retinologist rather than an ophthalmologist, too. When were you diagnosed as CNV? Are you getting injections?

Secondly, dont despair. You should fight back with any and all resources available, but dont deny it. Dont give in an inch, either and be proactive. Educate yourself as to what your options are. Any time you want to talk or need advice, write me. Im not a professional, but Ive studied the condition thoroughly. Im glad to help if I can. Thats the primary reason Im on this forum.

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Hi, Monica. Barry is 100% right. I did start with my opthamologist- but if you already know you have wet md, I assume you're seeing a retinal specialist already. (?). Usually an opththamologist will detect a retinal problem and send you there.

I have CNV. I started with a retinal bleed. I was told I have some form of myopic macular degeneration (wet) but its not full was caught early. One injection, thats all I had. The injections are supposed to stable your vision. If it's getting worse, you need to RUN, not walk, to the retinal specialist. Please, this is the worst thing you can deny. StLucy