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Macular degeneration is a medical condition where the light sensing cells in the macula malfunction and over time cease to work. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it is the leading cause of central vision loss (blindness) in the United States today for those over the age of fifty.

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  • Hi everyone! I am doing a project on age-related macular degeneration and need to do some brief interviews (15mins). If you are willing to speak to me about your current treatment as well as any improvements you believe are needed, please contact me. Thank you so much!
  • bubblegirl

    detached retina

    I had a gas bubble inserted to cushion my detached retina a week ago....I opted for out patient treatment, because I am moving to anohter apartment next week, and have not finished packing.The doctor also did lazer surgeryHe was very pleased when I returned to have my eye examined and told me I can finish packing, and I can drive tooTomorrow will be a week since this happened...I was totally...
  • CinSun

    new format

    i can't seem to navigate this new format of ds.  is it just me or others
  • deena64

    New diagnosis

    Hi Everyone,I'm new to AMD and new to this group. In May, at age 50, I was diagnosed with dry AMD. I have no family history of it, I am not obese, not diabetic, I am in shape, eat well, exercise, non-smoker, etc... In other words, I did everything right and I am stunned at this diagnosis! The only thing the doctor could come up with is that I was exposed to a lot of second hand smoke over the...
  • hello

    wet amd

    hi, all. I got wet amd . Is it true that both eye will get effected. if i don,t go to the doctor anymore? Will i go total blindness ?Thanks.
  • autumm

    Stem cell transplant done

    Moorfields eye hospital London has just carried out the first stem cell transplant for AMD. The cells were grown at University College London and the transplant has been done at Moorfields. All is going well and we will have more answers by the end of the year. They say that if all goes well it such be as routine as a cataract operation. I have AMD,wet in my right and dry in my left. I am a...
  • platbrat


    Great news!  My last eye exam showed NO signs of macular degeneration after going off Plaquenil.  I had been on Plaquenil for 10+ years. 
  • PhilGab8

    Areds2 Supplement

    I have wet macular degeneration and started getting monthly injections of avastin in both eyes. 18 months ago I began taking Pro Optic areds2 formula tablets and I have not had any bleeding in the past year. This is not an endorsement for this product and I have no way to tell of the connection. Has anyone had success with areds2 supplements?
  • r1ta8

    bioptic telescopic glasses

    I am considering these glasses. I would like very much to hear from others who have experienced these first hand to find out what they think - positive as well as negative aspects. I live in SE North Carolina and would like especially to hear from others in this area. Thanks so much.
  • marc123123

    iol AMD surgery advice

    Hi,My mum has dry AMD and is considering IOL surgery at the london eye hospital. The cost is 20k + but more worringly I have heard stories it does not always work. Her independant eye doctor has advised it could possibly make her vision worse rather than better. A consultation with the london eye hospital costs 400 on its own so we have got that far yet and Im also worried they will may be...
  • deleted_user

    Cold Bedside Manners

    I went to my Retinol Specialist for a 6 month check up but saw a different Dr. He was just as vague and impersonnal as my regular Dr.! He also gave me a different diagnosis! He said I was just on the line between between dry and wet MD. The other Dr. said "Your dry MD has become wet".Is it just because telling someone they are losing their sight gradually turns them into zombie like creatures...
  • Edger

    Sweets cause problems?

    I have type two diabetes. Would too much cake, muffins and ice cream make macular degeneration worse? I have early stage dry macular degeneration.Barbara
  • nikkinamee

    Acupuncture treatment

    Has anyone looked into acupuncture treatments for ARMD? I spoke with an acupuncturist who claims it works. There are no needles near your eyes. If anyone has tried this I would like to know what your experience is.
  • After searching quite a bit online, I couldn't find a good system for my father, so I tried it do-it-myself project. It turned out very well. I'm hoping it can help others. Happy to answer questions. is not an advertisement or solicitation. Motivation is only to share know-how.Dan
  • missylissac

    New Member - Avastin

    Hi all! I am a newbie! My background - Diagnosed at 26 (14 tears ago). There were absolutely no treatments available when I was diagnosed (14 years ago). But, I had no symptoms until 6 months ago so I didn't need treatment. 6 months ago I went to my retinal specialist for testing, but I had no current bleeds so there was nothing that could be done for me. I went for my yearly exam last week with...