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Lymphedema is a condition of localized fluid retention caused by a compromised lymphatic system. The lymphatic system (often referred to as the body's "second" circulatory system) collects and filters the interstitial fluid of the body. Lymphedema has been barely recognized as being a serious health problem; however, this is slowly changing due to education and awareness.

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hello everyone i was diagnosed with primary lymph edema this year, i have had watery blisters on my shins for 16 months now my doctor sent me to a dermatologist who done a skin biopsy the results were lymphaedema the blister was full of lymph well the blisters seam to group together and then they leak a thick colorless liquid and every day i have several new blisters just wondering if any one else has these blisters and what have they used to get rid of them i have had every steroid cream on the market also i have had antibiotics and nothing helps, my legs are now huge and are sore 24/7 when i lie down the pain gets worse i take 80mg of frusemide daily and rest i haven't got any therapy yet i am on a waiting list. i do use compression stockings which help abit as long as my legs go down overnight other wise i can't get them on



I think you realize that you need to get in for MLD(manual lymph drainage)treatment by a certified therapist in MLD since you are on a waiting list. This is so important! How long will you have to wait for treatment? To learn more about lymphedema, look at (National Lymphedema Network). They also publish a quarterly newsletter. Please take good care & God bless. If I can help in any way, let me know.

Me again -- You asked about the blisters. When the skin is stretched taut from the underlying edema, lymph fluid can break through to the surface. Along with how miserable you feel and your inability to wear your compression stockings at times, one is prone to infection as well. Hopefully, you'll be starting treatment soon. I have never experienced blisters myself, but am aware of the potential for this happening without good management of lymphedema. All the best to you.

thank you for you advice it is very helpful i will check out that website i am on a waiting list for MLD but i don't know how long it is. i have been on the list 6 months now my doctor keeps ringing them as i had a bad case of cellulightus a month a go i got it after being bitten by a horse fly. but she was told that priority is given to patents with secondary lymph-edema as they have suffered enough already . mind you i do agree with that when my pain is under control but when its not i am sorry to say i can be selfish and say i have suffered enough too. but thanks again i have read your profile and you have been through a lot too so thank you for taking time to make me feel better and giving me details of that web sight

Hi Fern, I just came across your message. I've just been recently diagnosed with lymphedema and have been affected by blisters on my shins which cause open, weeping lesions. If I've learned anything, it's that you have to take care of the wounds before you attack the swelling.

I don't know what facilities you have in your area, but in one of our local hospitals we have a Wound Clinic. They are wonderful, caring, gentle people. They treated my wounds with a silver impregnated paper called Acticoat. Then they wrapped my legs with several types and layers of materials. My lesions really responded to this treatment.

When they started to look better (took several weeks), I was referred to a physical therapist who treated me with compression boots (I call them "squeezy boots") which fill with air and squeezes the legs beginning at the foot and working its way up to the thigh, deflates, then starts it all over again. This starts the lymph recirculating and reduces the size of feet and calves. We do this for an hour twice a week. I'm getting my own set up so I can do it daily at home.

I've now graduated to a wonderful wrap called "Readywrap" made by Solaris. Instead of being a hard to put on stocking, it's a wrap that closes with Velcro. It's comfortable, lightweight and, once you get used to it, only takes about 10 minutes to put on both legs. The best thing is I can whip it off and take a shower!!! My lesions and blisters are still being treated, but it's easier with "Readywrap."
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