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Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere. It is now one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in the U.S. Lyme disease is caused by infection with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, and is primarily transmitted to humans as well as dogs, horses and other domesticated animals by the bite of infected ticks.

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Parathyroid tumor

As if lyme has already not been as much fun as it has, now I have the answer for my high calcium levels...a tumor on a parathyroid gland. Yippee skippy. They are almost never cancerous, so it will be nothing more than a HUGE pain in the tucus. Interesting note: the effects of too much calcium mimic the lyme symptoms. So I might feel a great degree of relief once they remove the little problem child in my neck. One can only stop and wonder...what next?!

Be back on to catch up on everyone when I have more time this evening.



enough is enough!
I hope this helps you feel better. how big of a procedure/surgery is it to remove and when do they think they want to do this?

For the past year or so my primary doc has tested my blood three times and all three times I came back high calcium. She didn't say anything about it so I didn't stress it (mine is always between 10.3 and 10.6) When i went in last week because of a swollen painful area in my neck I was diagnosed with thyroiditis and a possible infected lymph node. Given a Z-pack and sent on my way. Today I got a call saying my bloodwork came back and they JUST realized that my calcium levels have been consistently high for the past year (gee..they finally put two and two together?) So I had to come in for a PTH test and another calcium level test. From what I'm reading, it definately means I have a parathyroid tumor (and NOT cancer). So... here is another Lymie with hyperparathyroid.
Coincidence? I wonder how many Lymies have this???

I'm sorry about this crummy news, but glad to hear that the prognosis includes lifting of overlapping symptoms!!! Sending you lots of positive energy and prayers for healing.... Let us know how things are going Becca!

What's next? I think the answer to that HAS to be that Becca will be feeling LOTS better!!!!!!

Hi LedBy ... swollen neck was one of the first things I was getting when I got sick. But it would come and go throughout the neck. I'm not sure if yours did or not. Weeks later I would have bad neck pain but also back pain and neck would swell. Since I've been getting treatment for Lyme, that has pretty much gone away (although replaced by others things naturally) ... I was also getting it under my armpits ... I guess it was just the Lymphs responding to my Lyme.

Hi becca, I am sorry you are having to go through this, however I amsure some if not most of your Sx will be resolved! My neighbour (of whom I am convinced had unDx Lyme)had the same type of tumour, but on her adrenal gland. Beacuse of the surgery she got lots of Abx and is recovering nicely.

Big hugs hun, keep us posted!

It's amazing how this disease can throw the body off like this. High calcium levels can mean that you are not absorbing or utilizing your calcium which can lead to other health issues, like osteopenia and osteoporosis. I've often wondered why my son at 13, developed a
degenerative bulging disk, spondylolesthesis and a 13 mm syrinx at
c2 and c3 with improper bone plates in his skull. We are always told no relationship but I beg to differ with these experts. They need to open their eyes. This disease is causing major structural damage and because the bacteria loves joint cartilage who is is to say that it also doesn't cause a chemical imbalance and disturb the
natural biological processes in the body and create deficiencies and malabsorbtion issues? After all the body is all one connected source, connected to another source, etc.

One of my best friends also had cysts on her adrenals, then developed pancreatitis and seizures. I think it all stems from Lymes that was not properly treated. She did have a dx of Lymes. Doctors always tell her, there is no relationship.

Sorry to hear you all have these other challenges to deal with.
I sincerely send all of you my very best.

Here is a mantra poem that I first wrote when my son became ill
so that he and my other 2 boys had something good to say to themselves throughout our ordeal:

I am one with my spirit

I am one and divine

I am sacred

I am blessed

I am

I am whole with my spirit

I am love

I am my spirit

I am one with all that is

All my love -- Hope 143

Great word Hope143 ! I couldn't put it better myself. One whose Lyme was misdiagnosed for years 25 or so now I pay the price for stupid doctors who do not know what to look for and who refuse to believe this disease can do the things it has done to your sons and people like our bodies.
My fear is that I willnever function right again and that is scary. Always chronic Sinus problems all Lymes , migraines , neck problems but I was just wanting drugs!! So now here I am had to get a hysterectomy migraines and hormones were so bad but if they knew that Lymes throws everything out of whack that wouldn't even nedded to happen.
I thank goodness that I have God in my likfe he is my one true thing that is constant and that does ease my pain. If I never live pain free on this earth I know one day I will have a new body and live pain free with him.

Hey, guys-

Becca's post is a year old, so, hopefully, her parathyroid issue is resolved.

LedByTheLamb replied to it recently, it appears, due to her symptoms, etc.

I know it's confusing, but I think Becca's OK, and I hope LedByTheLamb will be, too :)

Good eye Leslie! No one caught that.

You know, I was kind of hoping removing the tumor would resolve Becca's symptoms.

Oh well.

Hope -- That was such a lovely poem and so appropo for those of us with this and those of us caring for those with it.

It's a frustrating journey. But one that can be done-- with success.

Keep trying everyone!

I have a similar problem. I had lost almost 40 lbs of weight in about 9 months time. Mostly muscle and bone tissue. I have never been a fat person. I have always been a muscular athletic person. My MD treated me for Lyme, but noticed I had high calcium levels. Since that time I had full body X-rays and I can now see the tremendous bone loss. Before I had received a few courses of Doxycycline I was literally near death from the weight loss, and flu like symptoms. However, my weight gain has only been minimal for the last several months, and I am still fatigued. My MD now believes that I have parathyroid disease as well as Lyme. Most MD's will tell you surgery is needed for parathyroid disease. However, I am led to believe parathyroid disease can be treated successfully with radioactive iodine treatments. This is a much cheaper method of treatment, and there are no potential surgical complications. There are also drugs that can be taken to retard the effects of parathyroid disease. I suggest that you visit the following website for information on radioactive iodine treatments:

Furthermore, anyone seeking alternative treatments for Lyme disease should consider trying the following herbal products: a) Samento, b) Essiac Tea, c) Yew Tip Tincture, d) Artemisia annua, e) Beta Glucans, and other similar products. Perform an online search for these products. The most exasperating thing about both of these diseases is that the average MD in this country knows very little about either disease. The correct diagnosis of these diseases is half the battle. The other issue is that since very few MD's treat people for parathyroid conditions, they all want to perform surgery instead of trying something like radioactive iodine treatments, which are a lot cheaper than surgery. Unfortunately, the cure for either one of these diseases is in the hands of the patient, and not the MD. You need to do your own research, try out different herbal medications, which many times work better than allopathic medications, and see what is being done to treat these diseases OUTSIDE the USA. People suffering from Lyme disease may have to try combinations of herbal medications to affect a real cure. Keep in mind that the pharmaceutical industry controls the medical community in this country. MDs are trained to prescribe allopathic treatments only. If the pharmaceutical industry does not yet have a true cure for Lyme or Parathyroid disease, then very few MDs know what to do about such diseases. I have all the symptoms of Lyme and Parathyroid disease. The symptoms are so similar that I do not trust anyone at this point in time with removing one of my parathyroid glands. These glands cannot be palpated very easily during a physical examination. Also, no one really knows if the parathyroid condition is a result of Lyme disease. If the Lyme disease is chronic, then it seems logical that this needs to be cured first before you start having glands permanently removed. Allowing anyone to remove body parts that may not fully cure the problem can end up being a big mistake. That is why it is necessary to do your own research, and obtain several medical opinions before opting for surgery. Good luck and Godspeed.

Hope that this helps you to feel better. Good luck my thouhgts are with you .
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