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Cellcept cost

I was put on Cellcept today and as luck would have it, my insurance will not pay for it and I lost my medicaid two days ago. I heard Cellcept can cost anywhere from $100-1K for a monthly supply depending on the dose. Just wondering if anyone has to pay for this out of pocket, and what is the price if you don't mind me asking. Thanks



Good grief, Kylie, I found this on the internet:

Cellcept (other types of Cellcept)
CellCept - 250mg Capsules
Quantity Our Price
30 capsules $107.86 - save 15% ($19.60)
100 capsules $339.09 - save 20% ($85.79)
300 capsules $992.76 - save 22% ($281.88)

I think you need to have a talk with your doctor and see what other options there are until they come out with a generic for CellCept. I'm so sorry you are going through this.

Can you get your Medicaid back?

I truly hope you get a reply to your question that helps.

I'm keeping you on my mind and in my heart.
peace and love ... Kyle Anne

Hi Kylie!! I know how you feel--In 2/07, I too decided to take CellCept and my ins didnt cover it and I didnt have medicaid at that time. I called every pharm in our area--it is VERY expensive!! I contacted Roush-the maked of the drug-they sent me some financail forms and dr forms to fill out. Then they put me on a 6 month program where they sent a month at a time at no cost to me. After 6 mo I just had to get a new RX. Unfortuanately, CellCept was not a good option for me, but I had wanted to try so I did for about 3-4 mos. I hope this helps and hopefully CellCept will work for you. Good Luck!!

thats a really good idea to contact the pharmaceutical company Roche. I do have insurance, but one time I forgot to get my new insurance renewed on time so there was a period of about a month where I didnt have my new insurance. I had to pay for all my medications without insurance and then submit it to the insurance company to be reimbursed. When I bought my Cellcept i think it was close to $300, but I take 1250 mgs twice a day so that is a large dose i think. I hope you get some help from the pharmaceutical company or medicaid because this has been a really great drug for me and can be very helpful, but it is just so pricey. Let us know what happens!

I really feel for you. My daughter was on 3000mg a day and when I found out it was $1200.00 for a one month supply I nearly fainted. We had just lost her medicare coverage and I was looking at another house and car payment that I couldn't afford. I was fortunate enough to get coverage from my workplace just in time. I don't know how you are doing fincially but the dr we are seeing offered to help but I made too much to qualify. Good luck and my prayers are with you.

hey im not sure what it's like in the states, but here in England its very expensive too, we have a scheme tho, that if u buy more than 4 prescriptions a month regularly, u can pay a fee of 100 a year and get any drug free of charge, i asked my doctor about it and filled out a form, maybe there is something similar in the states?

Thank you all so much for your comments! Turns out after I had to personally make several phone calls to my insurance, the error was on the pharmacy's end. I went there today to pick up the medicine and they told me it wouldn't go through, just like yesterday, so I I asked if someone could call my insurance provider because they told me this morning it would be fully covered. The lady said she couldn't cause she was busy and the billing clerk was out so once again I called my insurance company. They read me off the exact error code of why it wouldn't go through (still the pharmacy's fault). So I called the pharmacy again and threw a fit lol, finally they realized it was an error in their billing system and its SUPPOSED to be fixed by tomorrow. I'm very irritated because no one could make a simple phone call and each day I'm without this medicine I could be closer to kidney failure. Oh well, its supposed to only be a $10 co-pay *crosses fingers* I hope they get it fixed by tomorrow :) Thank you all again, I didn't meant to get too personal and ask financial questions so sorry if I offended anyone!
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