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Lung cancer is a cancer of the lungs characterized by the presence of malignant tumours. Most commonly it is bronchogenic carcinoma (about 90%). Lung cancer is one of the most lethal of cancers worldwide, causing up to 3 million deaths annually. Although lung cancer was previously an illness that affected predominately men, the lung cancer rate for women has been increasing.

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Life expectancy with one lung?

Also, what is the life expectancy with only one lung? All cancer is clear, lets say but, only have one lung?



My sisters mother in law, had one lung removed 5 years ago and she's doing quite well.
So I wouldn't worry to much about it.
But good questions, I hope some more knowledgable person on lung cancer will be able to give you more input.
Good luck dear
One day at the time


Without any further information there is no way to answer your question.
I lost both of my upper and lower left lobes a year ago last month. I was stage 1B adenocarcinoma, and had chemo after the surgery and am now NED (No evidence of disease) My oncologist said in my case I would have a 25% to 35% of mets. (reoccurance) somewhere else in five years. After that the odds are better than excellent that I won't have a reoccurance of lung cancer mets. So for me it's now one year down and four to go!

Wishing you well

We have a family friend who has been living with one lung since he had one removed due to cancer NINE years ago and he is still going strong! Keep the faith!

To explain some more, this family member had a lung removed for other reasons beyond cancer. He was young when it was removed and not sure, exactly why but, it came to me over the concern for my other family member who does have lung cancer and probably will end up with removal of one, it applies here for both thoughts I was having. Hope this helps clarify my initial question. Thank you...
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