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Hepatic tumors are tumors or growths on or in the liver. These growths can be benign or malignant (cancerous). They may be discovered on medical imaging (even for a different reason than the cancer itself), or may present in patients as an abdominal mass, hepatomegaly, abdominal pain, jaundice, or some other liver dysfunction.

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Medical Mystery Case here???????

Ok here goes, I am 37, non smoker, non drinker, non everything. 4.5 years ago out of the blue I got flu like symptons and a week later I turned Jaundice, gonna cut story short as I can , its been almost a 5 year issue now, for 4 years elevated enzymes, just mildly elevated, especially always the alk phosphate, I have scan after scan, mri's and then two liver biospys from Vanderbilt in Nashville, origially they though it might be Hemachromatosis, because I had two much Iron in the Liver, but that was it, second bisopy showed much less Iron, very little, and Iron in my blood has always been in normal range the whole time, my last blood work, my numbers where in the Normal Range for first time in 4 years, even the alk phosphate, I still have alot of bone pain, especially in Ribs, I was sent to Cancer doctors, checked my numbers, said I was ok, liver biospys both nothing really stood out, so they sent me to Autoimmune Doc, he tested me for Lupus so he said, and sent me on my way, Also tested for Hep, abcd, and Hiv and they said no autoimmune liver disease, Passed 4 kid stones in last 4 years, and now I have Thyroid Disease..........Im sure I have left out some stuff, but no doctor has really gave me no answers other than I have Thyroid Disease and thats it, which has made me sooooo tired I can barely function sometimes. I am a male also, not that matters, but thought I would put that in there, the only thing I was taken which I stopped has been Milk Thistle and nothing else. Can someone please help me and what should I be tested for or what blood work should I be asking for, its some kind of auto immune issue but still no answers, I am worried sick, Please help me to go from here, thanks, Jody