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Parental fears

Do you ever find yourself being an over protective parent?

K had a recent hard fall from a horse. Scared the begeezus outta me. Proud of her.....she got right back on the horse. I know that with horses it comes with the territory, but I find myself wanting to say no. I have to let her. She is a natural horse whisperer and I do not want her to not experience life because she is afraid to live it. But it still gives my tummy the willies.

Maybe I could wrap her in bubble wrap?




No bubble wrap for K, just blinders for you.

As a mom and now a grandmother I know what you are saying. I have learned through my boys that young ones are resilient and my grandchildren prove that to me often.

It is a long road and not for the faint of heart.

love and hugs to you special mom Tonna

looking back i was way over protective, but he's turned out an awesome young man who's kept on the straight and narrow, so i must have done something right! Thats all we can do in the end, what we think is right at the time. Gotta go , got to adjust that bubble wrap...

Awwww So agree with Hippy n Empathy,

From experiences we all grow.... and it's wonderful she jumped straight right back on the horse.....

I am so happy, my M n D let me be a boy, had an awesome time, learnt lots, had some battle wounds.... and loved every minute of my childhood....

Huge Huge for a wonderful Mom....... xoxox

Tonna... I agree with everyone...ESP that you are an awesome mom!!

As many know I am extremely overprotective...but not with everything. Only with what I can't trust the girls (or others) with at what stage they are at. Maddy, my 10 yr old dancer, is different because of her neutropenia. I have to be extra cautious with her because of her compromised immune system. She does give me minor heart attacks when she is doing gymnastics though. Some of the flips she does makes me very nervous!!

I think I am most protective with who they spend their time with. That can so alter a child's life by getting close to that one wrong person.

If all else fails...and even if it doesn't...I pray. A lot!!!

Sounds like you are doing a great job! And good for her for getting right back on. I would not have the courage to do that...or even get on in the first place!! Lol!

Hugs, Autumn

I understand exactly....cause I've got my own horse whisperer:-) My 13yo daughter loves horses. I posted a couple of pictures on LMBM 's photos of her with her horse. It amazes (and terrifies) me to see her with those big old horses. The mutual love and trust that I see go from girl to horse, and horse to girl is inspiring. But I'd be a liar if I didn't say I'm fearful that she'll be stamped into the mud like a little gnat, or thrown, or fall, or.....fall in love with a cowboy. Cause that's scary too!

I do wish that sometimes she wouldn't be so trusting with the horses. I don't think she has a scared bone in her body as far as horses go but she assures me she is careful, as she says 'Mom....it's not like I'm wanting to break anything! I am being careful, very careful'. Grrraaawwwww!

Personally I'd like to wrap her in protective gear from head to toe;-) Twice....

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