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LDN and Alzheimer's

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience with LDN as a treatment option for Alzheimer's. I am currently trying to find a doctor that will prescribe it to me for Serum Sickness and Secondary Fibromyalgia, and noticed that is has had promising results with AD patients too.

My regular Doc says that he will not prescribe it for me, nor will the doctor who sees my 85 yr old neighbour for early stage AD prescribe it for her. They both say, however, that if I can find a doctor who will prescribe it , they have no objections...

Frustrating, but at least I hope to have better luck when I go back to the pain clinic next week.

I would greatly appreciate any info that you could send my way.

Thanks All!!



or you can make your own

if a UK script is any good, you are welcome to one. But as Della Jane says, you could find ways of obtaining it without a script. Natandov ( British Psychiatrist)
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Brenda's grandmother has Alzheimers, check out her forum. http://ldn.proboards3.com/index.cgi
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