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Lactose intolerance is the condition in which lactase, an enzyme needed for proper metabolization of lactose (a constituent of milk and other dairy products), is not produced in adulthood. A hydrogen breath test is required for a clinical diagnosis. With lactose intolerance, the result of consuming lactose or a lactose-containing food is excess gas production and often diarrhea.

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New to LI, Lots of Q's

I have a lot of food allergies, and after a couple years with a half tiny, my doctor thinks I am lactose intolerant. I think this may be the case too. I've been avoiding dairy but drinking lactaid. I am seeing some improvement, but still having cramping. It seems to happen 14 hours after consuming the lactaid. Has anyone experienced this? Should I avoid milk entirely?



Lactaid milk doesn't bother me but you might be better off with soy or almond milk. In fact I really like the way almond milk tastes. I don't miss dairy milk when I drink it.