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Lactose intolerance is the condition in which lactase, an enzyme needed for proper metabolization of lactose (a constituent of milk and other dairy products), is not produced in adulthood. A hydrogen breath test is required for a clinical diagnosis. With lactose intolerance, the result of consuming lactose or a lactose-containing food is excess gas production and often diarrhea.

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Even aged cheese affects me badly

I haven't been officially diagnosed.
For months I've been suffering continual calf muscle cramps, sometimes severe. I was eating a lot of dairy: skimmed milk with breakfast, quite a lot of tea with milk during the day, and cheese at night.
I found a particularly tasty Parmesan called Bella Vitano and began eating a piece every night. After a while I found myself vomiting in the morning. Finally I realised that this happened when I ate the cheese.
I went for an allergy test and it appears that I am not allergic to cheese.
However when I stopped eating all dairy products my cramps mainly disappeared but then, I started getting over-acidity symptoms, needing to eat Maalox.
I have read comments on here that aged cheese contains little or no lactose. If that is so, why do aged cheeses now affect me really badly?
I should note that my problems have appeared as I age, when I was young or middle-aged I never had any problems.



I think this is the wrong group for me. Unfortunately there is no casein intolerance forum. That's what I appear to have :( No magic pills for me.