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Klippel Trenaunay Weber syndrome (KTWS) is a medical condition in which blood vessels fail to form properly. Although the cause and processes surrounding KTWS are poorly understood, the disease is diagnosed by the presence of at least two of the symptoms on a single extremity: A distinctive port-wine stain with sharp borders, Varicose veins, Hypertrophy of bony and soft tissues that may lead to local gigantism.

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d dimer for AVM and high flow and low flow

There has been some studies done using a D-Dimer blood test to help with AVM's and seeing if they are high flow and low flow.

Since I have an AVM I am going to give the info to my doctor and see if they can use this test to help me find out as much info about my AVM.

I wanted to share what I have read about and will keep the group updated if anyone is interested in this.

Have a great day