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Kidney Stones are solid crystals of dissolved minerals in urine found inside the kidneys or ureters. They vary in size from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball. Kidney stones typically leave the body in the urine stream; if they grow relatively large before passing, obstruction of a ureter and distention with urine can cause severe pain most commonly felt in the flank, lower abdomen and groin.

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Kindey Stone Waiting Period...

Two and a half weeks ago, I found blood in my urine. I saw my GP the next day - she confirmed the blood (although it hasn't been visible since the first time) - asked if I had symptoms. I had none. She told me to book an appointment with the urologist - and that was about 4 weeks away (still pending on Feb 1).

A few days later, the pain in the left flank hit. Went to urgent care, CT scan revealed a 4mm stone starting down the pipe from the kidney.

I was told that standard; drink like fish, stay off the brown drinks, strain the pee and keep my urologist appointment - oh, and here are some narcotics for it if it gets bad.

Now, it's two weeks later. and I'm almost two weeks from the urologist.

I have not encountered any severe pain again. From what I'm reading - that isn't necessarily a good thing - since that means it probably isn't moving.

My urine is normal - no pain, difficulty, burning, etc. No bloodish color has returned, etc.

I do NOT believe I've passed anything - yet - unless the thing has dissolved down so much I couldn't tell if it came out.

My question is: I'm having some "symptoms" that I suspect are related to the stone - but I'd feel better if someone could share with me that THEIR experience was similar.

I feel discomfort periodically around my left side (front) and down above my privates but below the stomach. Some are unsolicited - sometimes they only happen if I do something (like stretch out).

I'm a martial artist - I'm used to these sort of muscle strains and pulls - but I've been taking it easy since the stone was diagnosed.

Is this normal? Does a stone - possibly one that isn't even moving - cause these sort of discomforts?

Along with this, I get feelings of nausea (on a scale of 1 to 10, maybe a 2 or 3) when I lay down - I'm told nausea is normal, but I would assume that was partially due to the pain (which I'm not really feeling - just the muscle discomfort).

Sometimes, I get the urge to poop .. just a little urge - even though I'm positive I don't need to. I assume that's tied into the nausea somehow.

If you're still reading - thanks!

Can anyone else confirm these sort of symptoms in their personal experience? I'd rather not waste time taking a day off work, going back to the GP, having her tell me "Oh, just keep drinking and keep that urology appt".

Any words of encouragement (or even "hey, you're crazy - go to the doctor") would be great.

BTW, I tried the lemon juice + olive oil trick. Didn't seem to help ... Nasty drink though. Any other tricks, tips, food proclivities, etc. I'd love to hear them.



I am not an expert on this, but I dropped 5 stones, smaller than yours recently. The pain had three stages in my case:

1. Directly at the kidneys. When you put your hands to your belly and push behind the back, you can realise the pain.

2. The pain is now below your kidney area at the back or sometimes you may feel at the front.

3. The pain is at the place where you urinate.

After that 3rd stage you drop the stone and I suggest you to take some gloves and keep the stone, so that doctors can identify what caused to it, and you can go on to your life better. (Yes, it sounds a bit disgusting maybe, but it is good thing to do)

I think you are about to drop the stone at most in a week or two. And apparently you are doing your best to drop it, that's perfect. but still you may have an appointment from the doctor. +Drink too much water and continue living active, you'll be fine soon...

Hope you get well soon. Good luck!

I have had stones now off and on for about 10 years and what you are experiencing is about normal for a kidney stone. I have been clean for about 2 years until last night 1/22/12 when I notice my urine was bloody and I have mild discomfort on my left side and back. I haven't made an appointment with my urologist yet. My last episode with a kidney stone was May of 2010 when I thought I was having a UTI but it turned out to be a 9mm that was blocking my pipes causing me to get a severe infection and going into the hospital so that I could get IV fluids of antibiotics....I was severly sick. Each time I have had a kidney stone I've experienced different symptoms, but basically the same. Lemonade does help along with LOTS of water. Good luck!

Thanks guys ... I experienced some mild pain in my left side abdomen .. I'm assuming the stone is there now ... not much farther now!

When I pass a kidney stone, it's almost as if i can feel my pulse in my kidney. It's a slow short shiver almost. I used to get nausea at first, but i've been dealing with stones for about 8 years everyday so i'm pretty used to it by now.

Honestly feeling like you need to go poop isn't very odd at all. It felt like that for me a lot at first as well. I'm just gonna guess everything is so close to each other down there. That the pain probably forces your other organs to spaz out for a moment.

I hope your pain isn't to serious. One really good advice (although most don't pay attention to fine details like i do lol) Is if your a guy Sit down to pee, if you feel a stone pain. You could black out and end up hurting yourself really bad. - Hope this was somewhat helpful. :)

Very helpful! Thank you!

I can't imagine being a "regular sufferer" of these things. Let's hope this is my only one for awhile.

Thanks again!

No problem glad i could be of help :)
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