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Keratoconus is a degenerative non-inflammatory disorder of the eye in which structural changes within the cornea cause it to thin and change to a more conical shape than its normal even curve. Keratoconus can cause substantial distortion of the vision, with multiple images, streaking and sensitivity to light all often reported by the patient.

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To all those with keratoconuses

Dear All

I was diagnosed with Keratoconuses about 2 years ago. I first began to have headaches and then noticed that I became sensitive to light and that the way I saw light was different with streaking going on. I went to the opticians who referred me to the NHS. I have been going back and forth to the NHS for the past years with my right eye where the vision has become quite bad. The consultant at the hospital advised me that I could carry on as I am with glasses or try contact lenses. So I decided to give contact lenses ago. The optometrist struggled finding a lens for my eye but eventually found a soft lens to go in it. I kept going back for frequent checkups and noticed that my left I was deteriorating quite fast as well. After my last visit with the NHS, which was very disappointing as they couldnt find new lenses to fit my eyes, I made a decision to have cross linking treatment. I wasnt sure about going ahead with this because my better eye was only suitable for treatment at this stage. There was a small chance of complications which I was worried about but decided to risk it and it was worth it. I am still in the early recovery stage but as soon as the treatment was done I was able to see much better than before the operation. At the moment things are a bit hazy but that is quite normal after the first week of the operation. I did experience a bit of discomfort but it was just for a day. I advice anybody with Keratconuses to consider Cross linking treatment if they havent dont so already. My only regret is not having gone earlier.



What is cross linking? I have never heard of that. I am all for anything that works!

Did your vision continue to improve over time? I just had it done 2 weeks ago and am still waiting to see if my vision will improve.
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