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life after J Pouch

Well, I have spent probably 20 hours trying to find information on absorption of meds after J Pouch surgery. and also trying to get information on life after J Pouch. Cannot seem to find good info on either. I had the surgery 15 years ago and trying to reach others and find out how they are feeling. If they get tired easily. If they are able to work 50 - 60 hours. Do they ever have any downtime cuz of the health. And since I had the J Pouch, do I still retain the pills/meds I take for other conditions or do the meds just go straight through me? Are there any other long timers that still take lomotil and metamucil?



Hey there -
I'm at a year and a half - no where close to you, and I'm impressed.
I take 2 mg of loperamide every time I eat - even if it's one bite of food otherwise I'm toast. It still is not great, but I don't want to be on anything stronger and it's good enough for me, if that makes sense.
I'm going through secondary health issues right now and asked my doctor that very question - liquid medications are the best, or a gummy version, dissolving and gelatin capsules are also ok. It's big pills she said that don't work as well because we don't have time to break down AND digest. Depending on the medication it is likely absorbed in the small intestine anyway.
I'm extremely tired ALL the time and currently undergoing a gazillion tests to see if something is wrong.
I had some weight loss as well which is now turning around slowly.
I do have a job where I need to be there 50-60 hours a week and my life is work, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep.
I have days where I just need to sleep. I'm not sure if that is something else going on though.
Do you feel more tired now all of a sudden than you have in the past?

i assume you've been to ?

I had the two phase j-pouch surgery ten years ago(July,2001). Health has been really good between now and then aside from several intestinal obstructions. Fortunately, all of these blockages cleared up on their own within 24hours. For three of them I went to the ER as the pain was overwhelming and anything I tried to consume or drink came back up. I needed an IV for hydration and IV meds for pain management. My most recent obstruction(Aug,2011) was unlike the others in that it did not resolve itself within the 24hrs that I was allowing for. So, another trip to the ER and I am now recovering from surgery to remove adhesions that were the cause of this obstruction.
As for taking meds....I've been getting by without any perscriptions but I take a liquid multivitamin and a tablet probiotic. I've realized that feeding time for me needs to be 5-6 times a day with smaller to medium portions. Bigger meals put me in rapid sleep mode and I believe more comes out unprocessed than is metabolized and absorbed. My summer jobs seem to run me 50-60 hours a week. I know my abilities are reduced with these long hours but somehow I grind through it and then crash hard as soon as I sit to rest at home. Urgh...I'll sit to rest or lay down for what I think will be 5mins, then I wake up 4hours later. I'm amazed my body has been able to meet my demands for ten years but now with this recent obstruction and surgery I am almost back to the shocked and unsure state that I was in ten years ago when I was diagnosed with UC and had emergency surgery.
Have you had obstruction episodes in the 15yrs following your j-pouch surgery?? If so, how have you managed the situation?
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