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Irritable bowel syndrome is a common intestinal disorder that is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramping, and constipation. Typically no abnormalities appear during standard medical testing, and so irritable bowel syndrome is identified by the symptoms. Although irritable bowel syndrome can cause serious discomfort, the intestines are not harmed.

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Bentyl and Reglan

I was prescribed these meds for the cramping bloating and constipation. Anyone have any experience with these meds. I took them at work, hope I dont get too tired.



I was prescribed reglan: it was good for cramping, and nausea, but for me it disturbed my sleep (wild dreams I didn't like).

As for Bentyl: I was allergic; I broke out into a red rash all over my body that lasted 4 days. The Doc said that was rare.

For pain and bloating and gas I take OTC Phazyme; it works great!

Good luck.

Bentyl works great for me. It has never affected sleep or any other system in my body but the digestive system. However, at first my doctor prescribed too much - I was taking it several times a day and consequently getting no warning! Just had to run! Now I only take it as needed - to ease when it is flaring and soothes and relaxes those's been very helpful in that way for my situation.

Let us know how it works for you!

I use bentyl. took a few weeks to totally take effect, but now it is pretty helpful.

I also get bloating and take Acidophilus (a probiotic) for that. Sort of works.

New here- went to GI doc after all other tests failed to determine cause of bloating & lots of 24/7 pain for over 2 months now. Don't have constipation or diahreah at any time either! So this Dr.prescribed Bentyl. I'm going to give it a week or two before give up on it. Doesn't seem to be doing anything for pain in groin. Had GYN ultrasound too- no cause found. Tired & miserable with non stop pain tho. Just my luck- I have to get a "mystery ailment" that nobody can pin down the cause from! :(
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