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Inguinal hernias are protrusions of abdominal cavity contents through the groin, They are very common and their repair is one of the most frequently performed surgical operations. There are two types of inguinal hernia, direct and indirect. Surgical correction of inguinal hernias, called a herniorraphy or hernioplasty, is now often performed as a "day surgery" procedure.

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  • rob

    Hernia doctors

    I'm looking for a good hernia doctor in the Harrisburg, pa area. Does anybody know one? Thank you!
  • ralphjresta

    Living with an intestinal Hernia

    Hi all.  In 2007 I had Diverticulitis and had 4 surgeries which included 2 initial surgeries, the reversal of the colostomy bag and for a hernia which developed due to the operations.  Since mesh was added to my abdominal area I thought the long road was over but I just got out of the hospital due to severe pain in my stomach and they discovered that my small intestine has a hernia.  Due to...
  • dannemiller

    Post op what to expect for men

    Four weeks ago I had an open hernia repair here are some of the highlights:Push water, it will counter the dehydrating effects of the anesthesia. I insisted on no opioids during the surgery or for pain afterwards. If you elect this make sure your doctor does not then prescribe NSIDs for pain as they will cause bleeding, due to gravity, the blood will end in the shaft of your penis and the tissue...
  • mallyf

    3rd operation

    Hi i have not long ago had my 3 hernia 1st 1 was 3 years ago and all went well and i was back to work after about a 2nd one was about the same time 1 year later as a repair to the first, due to the mesh curling over in the corner and digging into my skin and pertruding through.another year later, went to my docs to find out, i had another hernia same side but just a little...
  • Hi everyone! I had 2 femoral hernias repaired laparoscopicallywith mesh March 15 2016. Has anyone else had femoral hernias and surgery? The left side was the bad side and after surgery I feel like maybe it didn't work or I did something to mess it up. Or is it just pain due to inflammation? Can you walk around the house too much after inguinal surgery? I also previously had 3 lumbar...
  • deleted_user

    Post Laparoscopic Surgery Pain

    I had laparoscopic surgery 4 weeks ago to repair an incisional hernia (resulted from c-section 18 months ago).Surgeon placed mesh across my entire lower abdomen to cover all of the c-section site. I'm recovering very well, however the incision site above my navel where the 'camera' was inserted hurts like hell! It's a deep itchy, tingling, burning pain everytime I bend over or move certain ways....
  • Rochelle43

    Umbilical Hernia

    Does anyone know where I might find a support group geared towards umbilical hernia? I have the symptoms of one and have a lump by my belly button (firm lump, not squishy), but according to my ultrasound I have no hernia.
  • Hi all, i have a left inguinal hernia which i noticed the bulge 3 weeks agoit disappears when i lie down and pops up after a while when i stand up. Not alot of discomfort, just a mild burning sensation once in a while. I would say its small-medium right nowI plan to see the doctor and get a surgery in 2 months time.1) is it safe to do purely machine exercises in the mean time? ie.. seated chest...
  • deleted_user


    i've had three hernias, all separate surgeries. on my last surgery on my left femoral hernia i had mesh put in. that surgery was about a year ago and i am having some side affects from the mesh i believe. it feels just like another hernia but no doctors can find any signs of hernias. has anyone else had problems with nerves being entrapped in mesh or something like that?
  • deleted_user

    Inguinal Hernia. Need advice...

    I'm a 25 years old male, have been diagnosed with reducible indirect inguinal hernia. I have this condition for 3 years now. I decided on the surgery after 4 months I was diagnosed. But the surgeon could not find the condition may be bcoz I was on complete rest for 4 months. Till now I never faced a severe problem. I used to swim, play tennis and soccer. From past 2 weeks Ive started working out...
  • totylupe

    Is this normal?

    Hello everyone,My husband has had 3 inguinal hernia repairs. Twenty years ago he had the first one on his left side. Last year, they repaired the same one again. Now, six weeks ago they repaired the right side.I am concerned this time because after six weeks he is still having pain (a burning sensation) even when he is just sitting. It does not burn all the time, but with certain movements and...
  • deleted_user

    new to hernias

    hello, i am new to this support group, i am 25 year old female who had endometriosis. I went in for endo related surgery and woke up finding out i had a lingual hernia. I have NO idea how big it was, where it was. I do have pictures of it so i know that they placed some type of mesh over it and "tacked" it into place with what looks like metal t-pins. They gave me no limitations besides lifting....
  • On February 11, 2012, I had laparoscopic bilateral inguinal repair surgery. Feb. 11 after surgery, I was in a LOT of pain. From the laparoscopic incisions to below my inner thighs was just excruciating pain, and only two things could ease it: 2 hydrocodone tablets every six hours, and keeping ice packs on the painful areas. A promethazine tablet was also required to ease nausea. On Feb. 12,...
  • deleted_user

    Post Herniorraphy Pain Syndrome

    My story:Very athletic guy.3.5 years ago, developed inguinal hernias - both sides (bilateral). Was out for a routine workout - a run - and felt like my lower abdomen was bruised. Took a few months to get diagnosed - bulge in lower abdomen on left side was give away. Surgery 3 years ago, incisional, bilateral inguinal hernia repair with mesh - plug and patch. I never recovered from surgery - was...
  • I am looking for an experienced hernia doctor in Houston TX. I really need an inguinal hernia surgery but I have not health insurance at all, someone I can make a little monthly payment once I am working again. I'd been in pain long time ago and the last 3 months have been a hell, and a doctor just told me days ago I have to do this ASAP. Thanks for reading