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STD = cheating?

I hate to even ask this question because I think I know the answer. My best friend has been dating this guy for 2 years. They are planning to marry next year. She got what she thought was a vaginal infection last week only to find out it is trichomoniasis. She has been faithful to him the entire time. Which means, as an STD, he must have been unfaithful to her. How does she respond? Is there any way it could have been contracted without infidelity? Could it have been "dormant" in him for the past two years? Any help is appreciated. She is devastated.



I am not sure what that is? Is there another name for that? I would tell her to stop having sex with him altogether. Some STD's can make you sterile.

What is trichomoniasis?
Trichomoniasis is an infection with a one-cell parasite spread by sexual contact (sexually transmitted disease or STD). It is sometimes called a Trichomonas infection or trich (say "trick").

Both men and women can get a trich infection, but it is more common in women. Trich in pregnant women can cause problems with the pregnancy.

What causes trich?
Trich is caused by a one-cell parasite.

In women, the parasite usually infects the vagina, urethra, cervix, bladder, and glands in the genital area. See a picture of the female reproductive system.
In men, the parasite infects the urethra or under the foreskin of the penis if it is not circumcised. See a picture of the male reproductive system.
What are the symptoms?
Many women and most men do not have any symptoms of trich. But when you do have symptoms, they usually start within 1 week after you were infected. In some cases, it can take 1 to 6 months for symptoms to start.

In women, symptoms include:

Changes in your vaginal discharge. You may notice a color or odor that is not normal.
Vaginal itching.
Pain during urination or sex.
In men, symptoms include:

An abnormal discharge from the penis.
Irritation of the tip of the penis.
A burning feeling when you urinate.
The time from contact with the trich parasite until you get symptoms is usually 5 to 28 days.1 This is called the incubation period. You can spread trich to others during this time and until you finish the prescribed medicine. You should avoid all sexual contact until you finish taking your medicine and the symptoms are gone.

How is trich diagnosed?
Your doctor can tell if you have trich by asking about your past health and doing a physical exam. He or she may order lab tests to find the parasite that causes trich. In women, the parasite may sometimes be found during a routine Pap test. This test is done as part of a regular pelvic exam.

After reading this,it sounds like your friend has a cheating partner!

I'm pretty sure you can get trich from not wiping front to back as well.

The parasite is sexually transmitted through penis-to-vagina intercourse or vulva-to-vulva (the genital area outside the vagina) contact with an infected partner. Women can acquire the disease from infected men or women, but men usually contract it only from infected women. Latex male condoms, when used consistently and correctly, can reduce the risk of transmission of trichomoniasis.

STD. Thats what I found on this site:

Sooooo Sorry for her,...

perhaps if I had added the link to the site,..(duh)

You cannot get trich from wiping from the back to the front, but you can get ecoli bladder infections and even bacterial vaginosis from doing that.

My ex gave me an STD and I was faithful to him. He denied he was messing around, so I must have been the Mother Mary of STD's.

I'm sorry but your friend got messed around on. Not only that, but her boyfriend has the infection, and until HE gets antibiotics as well, she might as well throw hers out. he will give it back to her if he does not complete a course of antibiotics as well.

I am sorry, but I normally do buy into *most of the "dormancy" arguments on STD's. I do not know much about Trich though, so I googled "trichomoniasis and dormancy" and found two different answers:


Trichomoniasis Incubation Period
Harold Oster**

Question :
Is it possible for a trich infection to be dormant six years and then become infectious? How long is the incubation period?


Answer :
By "trich," I assume you mean "trichomoniasis," an infection of the female and sometimes male genitals. This infection is caused by microscopic organisms called protozoa. There may be no symptoms at all, or women may have a vaginal discharge and men may have irritation of the penis. The infection is generally transmitted through sexual contact, but in many cases it is acquired through contact with inanimate objects that can transmit infection. These objects, called fomites, include such things as moist, used towels.

The incubation period of the disease is thought to be from about one to four weeks. This is only a rough estimate because of the difficulty of studying such an infection.

Trichomoniasis generally does not persist after it is treated with an antibiotic. It can, however, undergo "ping-pong" transmission. This means that if a woman is treated but her partner is not, he can pass the same infection back to her again and again until both members of the couple are treated.

So trich does not really become dormant. Because it is such a common illness that can be transmitted so easily, it is far more likely that someone developing trich got it from a recent encounter rather than from an infection six years before.

**Harold Oster
Infectious Diseases

Dr. Oster is an infectious disease specialist at Scripps Clinic Medical Group in San Diego, California. He has served on the faculty at the University of Miami School of Medicine and at the VA Medical Center in Miami. He also was a Fellow in Infectious Diseases at the University
of Miami. He completed his internal medicine residency at the University of California, San Diego. He is board certified in internal medicine. His areas of interest include the treatment of HIV infections, as well as the
full range of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases.


by H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D.**

Jul 02, 2005 12:00AM
Yes, trichomonas often is "dormant", that is causes no symptoms with standard tests negative. It probably can be carried in the vagina for years, and perhaps by men as well. The standard test used by most providers is to simply look at vaginalAnterior vaginal wall repair
Causes of vaginal itching
Culture - endocervix
Transvaginal ultrasound
Vaginal bleeding between periods
Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy
Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy
Vaginal cysts
Vaginal discharge fluid under the microscope, but that misses many (most?) cases. Ask for a culture test, which is more successful and available in most standard laboratories. However, culture misses many cases as well. Some special labs now offer testing for trich DNA using polymerase chain reactionAllergic reactions
Allergic reactions to medication
Dermatitis, reaction to tinea
Drug allergies
Febrile/cold agglutinins
Insect bite reaction - close-up
Intradermal allergy test reactions
Positive reaction to allergen
Transfusion reaction (PCR), which is the best by far; but it's not yet widely available. There is debate among STDStds and ecological niches experts about how important it is to routinely start using culture or PCR to detect silent cases. Most trich isn't serious, and prevention doesn't have the same priority as, say, chlamydiaChlamydia
Chlamydia infections in women
Chlamydial urethritis - male or gonorrhea or syphilisCongenital syphilis
Late-stage syphilis
Primary syphilis
Syphilis - primary
Syphilis, secondary on the palms.

**H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D.
Medical Practice University of Washington
BS with High Honors, Denison University, Undergraduate 1964 - 1964
M.D., Columbia University, Undergraduate 1968 - 1968
Medical Training Internal Medicine, University of Washington - Residency - 1968 - 1971
Infectious Diseases, University of Washington - Fellowship - 1971 - 1973
Board Certification
1972: American Board of Internal Medicine
1974: Infectious Diseases
1978-Present University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals, Seattle, WA
1978-2004 Director, STD Control Program, Public Health - Seattle & King County, Seattle, WA
2004-2005 Visiting Scientist, Divisions of STD and HIV/AIDS Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA
Approximately 250 research publications, chapters, reviews, monographs

Color Atlas and Synopsis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2nd Edition. New York, McGraw-Hill, 2001 (216 pages)


So there you have it, 2 different opinions from 2 different doctors. I googled both and both had many hits. I am sorry about your friend. I think deep down she may know the answer. What a position to be put in!

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It could have been HIV... They are not married and he is chating...I would ditch his ass.
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