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Any relationship in which one partner engages willfully in sexual relations with another outside of the partnership is considered to have experienced infidelity. This breach of trust is often traumatizing for the faithful partner as well as the relationship, and support is often needed to heal emotionally and to decide whether or not the relationship should continue after the transgression.

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If you would read my profile you will know what has happen in my life. I had been with this women almost eighteen years. Never had any deases of any kind. She never had any deaese of any kind. Then about two weeks after July 10, 2007, I have to go to the hospital for severe pain in my penis area, hemmoroys, upper urinary infection, and a hosy of other small things I can even think of the name of. One infection I had that the doctor saud was contaguios and has to be reported to the health clinic was URIATITIES (please forgive me as I can't spell medicals tearms correctly, and have not had sleep for three and half days. I read somethings on HIV/AIDS and understand that it can take up to ten years to rear it's ugly head. Since then I,ve been very scared. I don,t want to die from something might have brought into our marry because she wanted some sex on the side. I find it so unblieveable that a person,s caracter can wait until they have three kids(one ready to go to college) before it really manifest itself. I have been pursuaded by some many women over the years for my looks, my personailty d genearally just the way I carry myself around others but, being only tempted I have never placed any women above my wife(an I have even have models apporch me. My wife however is a little below averge in looks (and after this way below averge in intelligence) I need to ask the question, "If I were to get tested now, can the medical people tell if I have it? Or am I just doomed to wait until years from now when my health is failing to know for sure? I still continue to sleep with her but, no more sex or deep kissing. Please, forgive my spelling as I have not been myself lately. She still continues to lie and decieve about when I finally cought her. No guilt, no remorse, no shame, just nothing. Like what she done after being so long in this loving relationship was alright. PRAY FOR ME. Pray that I can keep my sanity.



I've struggled with this question also.
My husband, after about 10 years of marriage, decided to have affairs.
I didn't find out for years, and when I went to the doctor with std's, I was in shock.
My doctor wanted to test me for HIV/Aids, but I declined.
He asked me why I wouldn't want to know, and I told him that if I have it, I got it from my husband, and he is the only person I've slept with since we met.
Now married 27 years, I still have fears because I'm sure he isn't going to be faithful if the right opportunity arises.
My husband never had protected sex with other women, and I live in fear.
I pray that God will keep me safe while I lay with my unfaithful husband.
I will still honor my marriage vows, because it wasn't just my husband that I made those vows to, it was also GOD.
So far, I've had no other diseases, but in the past I've had to endure many sexually transmitted diseases.
My husband's only regret is that he got caught.

If you think you have been exposed to HIV, you need to get tested. It takes a few weeks for the virus to show up in the blood stream but not ten years. If you are going to have sex, wear protection. Don't take a chance with your life or someone else's. Get on the combo of drugs MDs offer to counteract HIV. Live a healthy life. HIV/AIDS patients have a longer life expectancy than ten or 15 years ago. They also have a higher quality of life. Get tested and treated. There is no shame in having HIV/AIDS no matter how you contracted it. People who would judge you for having it are idiots. I'm really sorry you have to face that challenge. God bless.

I agree with Noor - get tested ASAP if you are HIV positive the sooner you start being treated to suppress it the better and longer quality of life you will be able to enjoy. It sucks that that may be the case through no fault of your own.

I am so glad there's someone besides me who has concern over this issue after an affair. When I went to church today I prayed really hard that GOD would bless our marriage and when I see a doctor that I will be clean. I just can't get over this fear that if I don't have it, if I have sex with her, I may still get it. Tho' I also know if I don't have sex, that the temptation to be with other men will be even greater(as she is highly sexed). If she know's I want ot wear a condom now, I think that would only make it worse. I don't want die and I don/t what to do. I'm really humbled to the people who wrote me back but, I jsut don't know what to do. GOD help me.

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