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Toprol XL

Does anyone know anything about Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate is the generic name) and pregnancy? My regular Dr and my RE both said it was ok during pregnancy, but I've found some info that suggests otherwise and now I'm worried. I think I read that someone on the board takes it, but I can't remember who. I'm planning on calling both my regular Dr and my clinic on Monday, but any advice would be great.

Thanks ladies!



I used to take it and my internist wanted me off of it when I started trying to conceive.
However, I take another one called Cardizem CD which will scare the heck out of you on the internet and my high risk OB says it is safe.
I think we have to just trust our doctors but if we read online it is enough to give you HBP or racing heart!!!

Thanks, Jan :) My regular doctor is an internal medicine doctor, and I asked him before getting on it if it was safe during pregnancy and he said yes. My RE knows I'm on it, never mentioned I would have to switch, as well as my cardiologist. I guess the internet does scare you, but I've learned the hard way to be proactive about my medical care... to be fair everything I found was based on studies done on lab rats with like 400 times the amount I'm on, but still... anyone else?

I'm not sure how much you take daily but at one time I was up to 200mg. The dose required to achieve results plays a role in the safety I am sure.
My cardiologist doesn't want to touch my meds while I am pregnant. He will check my heart but wants my high risk OB to regulate meds.

I'm on 100 mg, but I think my dose will have to be raised some again... my stress level definitely plays a part in how my heart acts and it's been pretty high lately, so I've been having palpitations :( I will call my Dr tomorrow... let's see what he says.
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