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AF after IUI

When do you usually get AF after doing IUI? I know after IVF I got it as soon as I stopped the PIO but since I'm not doing that now I wasn't sure when to expect it. My IUI was last Mon., I feel like I could get AF any second so I'm expecting a BFN but my RE said to call next week if I still haven't. Are there an expected # of dpo that it will start, normally?



My AF came 12 dpo after IUI. Now I did also feel like AF could start sooner with cramping and bloating, ect., but the nurse said this was normal effects from the clomid & trigger shot. So, don't give up hopes yet on a BFP. Will keep you in my prayers and sending baby dust your way!!

More ??s, when can I take an hpt?

I got AF 12-14 days after IUI. I was told not to take HPT until after 14 days from IUI. You could get a false positive from the HCG shot prior to that. Good luck-heres hoping its a BFP and your instincts are wrong :) ~April

I think 14 dpo is pretty standard for taking a hpt. I usually get AF 15 dpo, so it does vary with everyone. An IUI cycle was exactly the same as a typical cycle for me.

Still hoping that you get a BFP; lots of women comment on how they feel like AF is going to start when they are pregnant.
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