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The best headphones for people who wear hearing ai

I found them!

As a music reviewer that recently had gotten a new BTE (behind the ear) hearing device, the everyday, conventional headphones no longer were comfortable for me, even though I could now hear music clearly at a normal volume rather than turning it up.

From there, the search was on for a new set of headphones that were both compatible with my hearing aid and were of good quality. After trying out many different brands and being to several stores, I was able to settle with confidence on the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Many hard of hearing people will state that background noise is an aggravating factor in their hearing impairment, and it doesnât end with the incorrect headphones. With the Bose QC2, this problem is all but eliminated, being able to hear music without having to turn up the volume to dangerous levels and, in the process, disturbing those around me.

The bass is more defined, the sound is smoother, and the clarity is remarkable. Even at the lowest sound, these headphones work with almost any type of music, picking up even the most subtle of instrumental tracks, thanks to the noise cancelling feature.

Another outstanding quality with the Bose QC2 is that the common problem with feedback caused by hearing aids when using headphones is nonexistent with this product.

They are also the most comfortable headphones I have owned. Even with my hearing aid in place, the headphones are comfortable, not pushing my device against my ear like most of the conventional headphones had.

Also available with the Bose QC2 (though is purchased separately) is an accessory that is compatible with an iPhone to place calls (cord with microphone). This can come in handy in noisy places such as airports and restaurants, and it is easier to hear even on low volume, another blessing for the hard of hearing.

Though the main attraction of the Bose QC2 is the noise cancelling, this be turned on or off, so anyone who wishes to loan them out (but I would recommend we hard of hearing keep these gems to ourselves!) to those not bothered by background noise, well, it isnât really an issue.

The only drawback I have found with these headphones are the cost, but as the saying goes, one gets what they pay for, and the Bose QC2 are worth the additional expense for those who are looking for quality audio equipment that work well with their hearing aids.

All they take is one AAA battery, and you have hours of crystal clear listening without outside noise or annoying hearing aid feedback. Happy music listening!



sounds good , thanx n what kinda music do you like ?????????

Interesting, Where did you fine the headphones and what price range, if you don't mind me asking? Sounds like something I would like to invest into myself..
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