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A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus, usually done by a gynecologist. Hysterectomy may be total (removing the body and cervix of the uterus) or partial (also called supra-cervical). Although there are conservative alternatives, hysterectomy is performed for uterine fibroids, pelvic pain, pelvic relaxation, heavy or abnormal menstrual bleeding, and cancer.

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Can i masturbate 2 wks after hyst surgery?

I want to know if me and my hubby can have outercourse? it has been 2.5 wks since i had a partial hysterectomy.



Hi there meldp,
I myself didn't want anyone touching me down there..! lol .; But I have certainly heard of other women that have done it with no problems..? I would imagine just be aware of your body and just stop if there's any pain at all.... Sharon

After 2 weeks I needed that closeness. I didn't wait for the Dr's ok for outercourse and didn't have any issues. Good luck!

My husband and I had outercourse as well and I was fine. Just be careful.
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