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Hypothyroidism is the disease state caused by insufficient production of thyrohormone by the thyroid gland. There are several distinct causes for chronic hypothyroidism, the most common being Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism following radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism. Advanced hypothyroidism may cause severe complications, the most serious one of which is myxedema.

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Hi folks!

My better half and I were told to take MiraLAX and Dulcolax as part of the prep for our colonoscopies.

Someone on the Graves' forum just shared this:


Not only did the article give me pause but, reading around on the site gave me pause about colonoscopies in general.

I think I'm going to be doing more research on *that* before the gastro tells us it's time for another one (sigh).

No rest for the weary....



I had 4 polyps removed from colon about 9 yrs ago. glad I'm had colonoscopy.

Thanks for sharing your story, Mary.

I've been doing some research about colonoscopies and found this:


I'm glad I had one.....and I'll have another one when it's time.

I do want to find something for the prep other than MiraLAX and Dulcolax that the doctor told us to take...

I don't think those two things will clear you out enough, either, cd. There's supposed to be a special "cleaner outer" to get at the pharmacy. Can't remember the name.

Yes, as soon as I found out about the Miralax, etc.. I refused to take it. I'm not putting any plastic in my guts. I'm glad I found out about it when it first came out. The docs are still pushing all that stuff.

As for colonoscopies, I'm getting over the cancer treatments I had from them finding it in a colonoscopy. THANK GOD, I didn't know I had it, it was a check up, kinda like mamograms.

My hubby's doc prescribes magnesium citrate in that gross green bottle. If that doesn't do the trick, you may have another problem entirely :)

Magnesium is a much better option than polyethylene glycol 3350(miralax, golytely,,colytely....and many others).
I think the colon can be treated by the individual by doing a cleanse annually. There are many options to cleanse the colon, hydro therapy and excessive magnesium are a couple of them.
Getting back to the colonoscopy prep, the golytely has 236g of PEG3350 in it. To see some of the dangers associated with this toxic somestance come see us on FB "Parents Against Miralax".
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