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Hypothyroidism is the disease state caused by insufficient production of thyrohormone by the thyroid gland. There are several distinct causes for chronic hypothyroidism, the most common being Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism following radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism. Advanced hypothyroidism may cause severe complications, the most serious one of which is myxedema.

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Goiter, should I be worried?

I found out last year that I have a small goiter on the backside of my thyroid(I was having swallowing issues). Lately I have been losing my voice very often, almost once or twice a week. I had neck surgery a few years back and my muscles atrophied so I thought that might be the reason, but remembering the diagnosis of the goiter makes me think I should look into it. I don't have insurance so I don't like to go to the doc unless I really need to (I'm a student and only work part time!) Also I have been very tired the past few weeks, like I have to take nap breaks in the middle of school projects so I can focus. Any ideas are welcome!