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Hyperthyroidism (or "overactive thyroid gland") is the clinical syndrome featuring weight loss (often accompanied by a ravenous appetite), fatigue, weakness, hyperactivity, irritability, apathy, depression, polyuria, and sweating. Additional symptoms may include palpitations and arrhythmias (notably atrial fibrillation), dyspnea, loss of libido, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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TSH levels .0.015

I just got back my lab results from the dr. and my levels are 0.015. My dr informed that my levels are way off, and the amount if synthroid is to high. I am currently taking .175mm

From what I understand my levels should be .4 - .47?? Can my TSH be that far off??

I think I should be taking half that amount?





Your doctor needs to order the thyroid labs of the Free T3 and the Free T4 (especially the FT4) to see how much Synthroid is needed to be lowered down.

TSH cannot be dosed by as it is a Pituitary hormone and anytime one has an autoimmune thyroid disease, thyroid antibodies are involved. Thyroid antibodies messes up the TSH readings.

Good luck and {{{hugs}}}
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